Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains Reroll Guide and Tier List

Rerolling in Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains can give you a significant advantage at the start of the game. Follow these steps to reroll and aim for the best characters with our Tier List.

Reroll Steps:

  1. Launch Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains on your mobile device (Android & iOS).
  2. Since there’s no guest account, you’ll need to use a new email every time you reroll.
  3. Complete the tutorial and progress until you unlock the gacha system.
  4. Claim all summons, including in-game mail and Redeem Codes, and use them for summons.
  5. If you’re not satisfied with the results, delete the game, register again with another email, and repeat the process.

Note: While it’s possible to reset progress with the same email, it takes 7 days. It’s more efficient to start over with a new email.

FAQ – What to Aim For? Focus on getting Tier S or at least Tier A characters as they significantly impact gameplay.

Tier List:

Tier S (Best Characters):

  1. Ken Kaneki
  2. Toka Kirishima
  3. Shuu Tsukiyama

Tier A (Quite Good):

  1. Rize Kamishiro
  2. Kotaro Amon
  3. Juuzou Suzuya

Tier B (Average):

  1. Kisho Arima
  2. Kichimaru Washuu

Tier C (Below Average):

  1. Other characters – consider them only if you have a personal preference for them.

Conclusion: Aim for Tier S characters, as they are relatively easy to obtain. Tier A characters are also good options. For more guides on Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains, add our website to your favorites.