Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat

Treasure Of Nadia Money Cheat: Unlimited Money, Talisman, and Chest Key Cheats – This simple cheat installs in just two minutes

One of the most frustrating aspects of the game, however, is farming. When you don’t have enough money, talismans, or key cheats, it can take a while to obtain them. This cheat will be a great help.

Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat Mod Description

This mod is a Cheat mod for Treasure of Nadia. You can spend more money, or add chest keys or talismans to your inventory. Let me know if you have any other farmable materials. It is unlikely that you will add any key items or materials, as it could cause the game to be broken. To bring up the menu, simply interact with the pot in the room.

Treasure of Nadia Money Cheats – Download and Install

You can install it on Mega for very little cost and reap the benefits.


  • Windows: Open the game folder www>data. Copy or extract the mod files to this folder and replace the original file.
  • Mac: Replace map014.json wherever it is normally stored under www>data within the game folder
  • Android: Decompile the apk file, replace it with a new one and recompile.

Where to spend the money?

We recommend that you do not use cheats in any game where they are not necessary to progress. While it’s tempting to decorate your home too much, you will have to compensate by spending hours treasure hunting.

If you cheat, don’t do it. Instead, you can buy all you want and decorate your entire house simultaneously. The cheat doesn’t penalize you for your progress in the game.

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We’d love to know if the money cheat doesn’t work after an update. If so, we can look for another one and add it to our guide.