Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit 100% Achievement Guide

This will show you how to unlock every achievement. You might also find some tips and hints that aren’t spoiler-free


Regular Achievements


First Wish
Complete the initial mission



Destroy the General
After completing mission 22, this will unlock.



Eat Your Vegetables
Complete picking vegetables
This unlocks during mission 23.


Eliminate 50 enemies
This is self-explanatory. The next mission will unlock.



In a loop
Die and resurrect 50 times
This is self-explanatory. The next mission will unlock.



The Vengeful Spirit
Continue the story
After completing all other missions, this will unlock.


Master Flipper
Won Alkkagi
This involves a few steps.



1) Acquiring the board. It is located on mission 4. The default view will show it at the top of the hill before you descend past guards, dogs and trucks to the prisoner. You will need to complete the map after picking it up.



2) Once you’ve done this and have made enough progress, a ghost will appear in the Afterlife. It appeared in my game after I completed mission 25.


You now need to defeat the ghost by playing Alkkagi. This means you must win three matches before your opponent. This may take some time.



The Vengeful Dog
Complete all missions in Vengeful Dog mode
The Vengeful Dog mode allows you to play as a dog. It can be accessed via the main menu. After completing all regular and all-challenge missions, the achievement will be unlocked.

This game mode allows you to die instantly and every person is alerted when you attack an enemy. It is generally a good idea to fight around an object, as well as camping close to a doorway.



The Vengeful Blade
Complete all missions in Vengeful Blade mode
Vengeful blade mode allows you to play as the main character but with a knife. It can be accessed via the main menu. After completing all of the regular and all challenge missions, this achievement will be unlocked.

Although you won’t be able use any supernatural powers, the knife has the same range and the possession (meaning that you can attack through certain barriers), and you will get a speed boost whenever you kill an enemy.



Complete every rescue mission
This includes completing all escort mission, including the ten challenging ones.

Secret Achievements Tips Only

You can collect the five secret achievements in regular mode. However, they can also all be accessed in Unlimited Power mode.

You can only find the four first achievements on specific maps. Sometimes, an eye symbol is used in mission select.

These are past barriers that you can’t just walk past. Once you trigger them, they don’t come back.

After you unlock these four, you will be able to access the final secret achievement in The Afterlife.


Below are screen shots taken at the default camera angle. Descriptions of their locations can also be found.

Secret Achievements


This can be found in mission 9. It is located right next to the objective.




They are looking at
This entrance can be found on Mission 7, just follow the left-hand path. The entrance is right next to the trees.


I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Full Game Walkthrough


So many hands
This entrance can be found on mission 5. Follow the path to the pond and then turn left. You will find the entrance in the corner next to the building.



You cannot see the path because I didn’t take a picture before I activated the secret.



The Trio
Cubes found
Continue on to mission 14. Follow the path until it splits. Then head up. You will find the entrance by a watchtower.



1 Cube Destroyed
After you have found the other secrets, this can be done in the Afterlife.