AMD is planning to release Socket CM-4 processors with Zen 4

With support for DDR 4.

Greymon55, one of the most reliable predictors for technical trends, stated that Socket AM4 processors are being considered with Zen 4 architecture. This could be used in older motherboards with DDR4 memories.

It is difficult to see how important it is marketing-wise, but I did forget that Socket AM5 Ryzen7000 processors will be available this fall (in the middle of September according to the latest data). They will support DDR5, as well as PCI Express 5.0.

There were no announcements or advertisements.

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It is unclear whether AMD could adapt new chipslets to the Socket AM4 substrate. Also, the speed of such an adaptation seems questionable. This company contributed a lot in keeping the Socket AM4 platform functional, and it is now time to let it go.