Analytics During the fall of the crypto market, the sale of video cards started

Bitcoin miners appear to be on the secondary market.

According to reports, coin miners are entering the secondary market.

The value of key crypto currencies has been steadily declining since April. Bitcoin has lost 53 percent its capitalization. According to Toms Hardware, the sales of video cards started in the second half these weeks.

The publication calculated that the average price for video cards on eBay dropped 10% over the past two weeks. Some video cards are less expensive than the recommended price and can be purchased in bulk.

A few examples were obtained from the publication, which sold six copies for 2,500 dollars. A single card will run you $416. Miners are selling the cards, believing they won’t be able to recover them in the near future.

Another story.

An auction can sell one GeForce RTX3080 for $650. According to the publication, it was not possible to find such a card less than one million dollars a few months back.

The Radeon RX 6950xT has seen the greatest price drop: its price dropped by 21% since June 1. Only two cards saw their prices rise: the Radeon RX6400 (up 13%) and the Radeon RX6750 XT (10%).

Retailers won’t be pleased by the entry of miners to the second market. They are trying to sell the remaining GeForce 30 or Radeon 606 video cards just before the new generation launches. However, the players must be satisfied.

It is true that mining can pose risks to a card, but it is worth noting that it runs smoothly due to its efficiency and security.

It would be interesting to find out if this was possible.

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