Battlefield 2042 Season Two releases next week, bringing with it some much needed new content

Battlefield 2042 is close to the start of the second season of content for Battlefield 2042 and it’s as significant as you’d imagine.

EA as well as DICE have released all the remaining information regarding Season 2 of Battlefield 2042The game is dubbed Master of Arms. the new season will be released on the 30th of August across all platforms.

If you’ve been keeping track of the battlefield 2042 events and 2042, you’ll be pleased to find the fact that Season 2 is bringing a similar amount of features to the game that we saw in the first season. 1. Similar to Zero Hour, Master of Arms includes a brand additional map as well as a brand new Specialist with three new weapons and two vehicles.

Starting from at the very top of the pyramid, the latest map is named Stranded which is set within Panama in a lake that has been drained. As with the previous season, the map is also focused on close-quarter combat. The objectives are firmly distributed in the desert, however, there’s a more CQC-focused part of the interior of an abandoned tanker.

In the husk is an exact replica that is reminiscent of Noshahr Canals’ TDM area from BF3, which has intertwining containers as well as a narrow corner in an indoor zone that is not a vehicle-free zone. The primary focus is combined arms however it’s only of the lighter type. Expect light vehicles and helicopters (including the two that are expected this year).

The second major event in Season 2 was Charlie Crawford, the new Support Specialist. Crawford is a British expert in weapons and an arms dealer, which fits perfectly into his position in the field. His trait is Cache Point – which allows him to replenish his teammates’ gadget ammunition when the need arises.

The gadget he uses is a bit less thrilling It’s a simple stationary Vulcan minigun that has ballistic shielding around it. Like any other stationery weapon, it’s made to suppress the fire and is used by both players.

Moving to the tools for fighting

DICE is adding three new weapons in Master of Arms. AM40: The AM40 is a carbine designed to act as an intermediary between assault rifles as well as SMGs. It is specced to either of these profiles and be able to switch between the two in the blink of an eye.

There’s also another option: the Advances LMG which is a lightweight LMG that supports many different attachments. The sidearm range is growing with one new option which is The P51 secondary. Its principal feature is its capacity to utilize large magazines.

All Specialists have a brand new option of equipment also, and that includes the Concussion Grenade that does exactly what you imagine.

At the end of the vehicle, there are two new vehicles to come on the market. One of the most interesting ones is called the EBL-RAM Heavy Ground Vehicle which is, in essence, an APC. Its most notable feature is that it can drop spawn beacons anywhere close enough to let teammates create spawns on it. It also has an AMPS system that can block projectiles and protect itself.

attlefield Portal

Then there’s another model, the Polaris Rzr which is a small buggy that’s agile and fast. The Rzr is available in the world at select locations, however, in the typical DICE manner, it isn’t available until the start of the season. It will be available with the first update.

The entire new content – whether it’s The Specialist or weapons or other items. It is accessible within the free tiers in battle pass. Beyond this, you’ll get the standard range of skins for Specialized vehicles, weapons, and specialists. There’s also a selection of takedowns, cards for players as well as other accessories.


In addition to the brand addition of new features, DICE will also expand Battlefield Portal with new weapons from the three titles (BF3, BC2, BF1942) and also add the option of a smaller space for players as an option for specific maps, which lets creators create playlists that are CQC-specific. The Builder has been updated to include an updated Conquest preset, which lets you alter the rules of the game.

However, there’s more to it. some Portal weapons will make the transition to 2042 in the new Assignments feature. In Season 2, you can be able to earn M60E4 from BF3 or M16A3These are part of what DICE calls”the Weapon Vault, which will be replenished with additional Portal content as time goes by.

Assignments are also the way that players who were not able to access the previous seasons’ Specialists, vehicles, and weapons can access the same in later seasons.

In the context of free content, anticipate two map overhauls throughout Season 2 in the two classes Renewal as well as Orbital. In Season 3 you can anticipate an overhaul of the system of class. Watch this clip for more information.