Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 cosmetics leaked

New cosmetics, which are part of chapter 25, have been revealed on Twitter.

Dead by Daylight’s highly-anticipated Chapter 25 includes the second round of Resident Evil characters joining the Dead By Daylight roster. Alongside two brand new survivors and fan-favorite Wesker who is an infamous killer chapter, 25 will bring a variety of new accessories to further Resident Evil-size your game.

This leak was provided through The DBDLeaks Twitter account, which has proven an authoritative resource for Dead By Daylight leaks time and again. The article is divided into two parts. It showcases every model of the new cosmetic in an original pose.

In the leak are new skins and skins to Carlos Oliveira and Sheva Alomar the two most-loved Resident Evil characters that Dead By Daylight fans are excited about and look amazing. Additionally, there are designs for Jill and Chris as well as the soon-to-be killer, Wesker.

The biggest surprise to me and the other Dead By Daylight fans is that it appears we are receiving a skin for the famous Resident Evil Character, HUNK. It’s the Umbrella Security Service operative, called ‘Death’ among his troops, who has the sole skin beside Wesker that seems to hold knives. The unique style of his holding suggests that HUNK is coming as a renowned cosmetic for some of the killers from Dead By Daylight likely one of the Legion or Ghostface. Ghostface and/or Legion.

The leak also suggests some skins that were released from Dead By Daylight dating sim, Hooked on You, will soon be available in the store as cosmetics. The set includes beach attires that will be worn by Jake, Claudette, and the Kpop-killer Trickster With more to come in the near future.