Electric cars Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV unexpectedly lost 66000 dollars

General Motors announced last August its recall campaign to replace the traction battery in 140,000 Chevrolet Bolt cars. Chevrolet has reduced the price of the cars by 6,000, despite all other manufacturers putting prices on paper due to rising battery costs.


Image Source: Mitsubishi Motors.

The change was reported by some media outlets in the United States the night before. The price of the base Chevy Bolt Electric EV has been reduced to 18%. This includes shipping costs to the US. The new car will have a starting price of 27.200 dollars. The 2023 model year has seen many updates to electric vehicles, but the 2016 car will probably be retired from the assembly line after a series upgrades. GM is moving its electric vehicles onto the new Ultium platform. As well as Ultium, the Ohio facility that produces the series is currently under construction.

It is important that GM made this unanticipated move at a time when electric vehicle manufacturers are raising prices unanimously due to higher costs for raw materials to make traction batteries. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is approximately 414km long and just over 4m in length, which allows for a power plant of 200 horsepower. In six seconds, you can accelerate to 96 km/h. The GM will likely get more customers for electric vehicles that are near the end of their life cycles. It also tries to recover from the battery recall by LG, which caused a series of fires.


The company had set a goal to distribute 9025 electric cars, but only 358 vehicles were available in the USA for the same time period. Contrary to its rival, the Nissan Leaf, the electric car GM Bolt cannot earn $7,500 per unit federal subsidy. Therefore, the base price reduction should promote competition.


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