European PlayStation players get more Platinums than US players, Sony reveals

European PS4 and PS5 players are more likely to win Platinum Trophies than their United States counterparts, a Sony presentation has revealed.

During the CEDEC 2022 game developer conference, which was held on the internet in Japan this week, and transcribed via 4Gamer, Sony’s Kenjo Akiyama who is director of the Tokyo Global Developer Technology Department presented a talk that focused on PS4 and PS5 users’ behavior across Japan, the US, Europe, Japan and throughout Asia.

In his research, Akiyama concluded that Japanese players enjoy a greater overall Trophy completion rate for each game. This suggests they are in a single game for a long period of time and accumulate a large amount of Trophies before going on to the next.


But, Akiyama found that the top tier of Platinum Trophies which are awarded to those who collect each Trophy during a match and are awarded to players from Europe as well as Asia (excluding Japan) are most likely to win them, whereas those in the US are the least likely to earn them.

Akiyama was also able to point out that Japanese players were ranked nearly as low as the US in terms of earning Platinums in games that are considered to be the most difficult, Japan as well as the remainder of Asia tends to receive Platinums more often than their Western counterparts.

Akiyama claimed that Asian players are more likely to have the “never give up” attitude and are determined to conquer the toughest games.

To come to his conclusion, Akiyama looked at all the films released over the past year that were rated among the Top 100 by region, were made available to all regions, and also had the Platinum Trophy.

Then he compiled the list of an average Trophy complete rate per game across regions like Europe, the US, Japan, and other Asia regions, and ranked every region from 1st to 4th in each match.

Based on Akiyama’s research findings, Japan came first the most frequently which means that Japanese players were more likely to win more trophies during a single match.

Akiyama later developed separate rankings focusing solely on the game’s Platinum Trophies to discover the regions that earned more Platinum often.

Europe along with the remainder of Asia typically top the list, which suggests that they’re more focused on winning games at 100 100%.

The US was, in contrast, the fourth-lowest of the four regions. They also earned more Platinums than any other in just 1 of the games that were analyzed.

To add more complexity to the scene, Akiyama pointed out that the number of Platinums in Japan was low in games that are thought to be to be the most difficult, Japan and the rest of Asia generally received Platinums more often than their western counterparts.


The presentation also mentions that Akiyama observed that free-to-play games are played more frequently in Japan than in other parts of the world However, they are not played as often in the other regions of Asia which is where other genres are more popular.

However, players from Europe and the US Europe have online multiplayer games more frequently than players from Japan and other parts of Asia.

While every region buys greater amounts of digital discs than games on disks, the amount of disc games purchased is the highest in Japan and the lowest across the US.