Fortnite leaks tease Hulkbuster could appear soon

Fortnite leaks suggest that players may soon be getting the Hulkbuster to be scheduled to be featured in the next comic.

Based on reliable leakers, such as @HYPEX and @Egyptian_Leaker as well as @, Fortnite Fans might be expecting to fans might see the legendary Hulkbuster fans might see Hulkbuster character appear in Fortnite’s game very soon. Here’s one tweet that mentions that Hulkbuster will be showing on the coming Fortnite x Marvel Comic:

Fans were not only happy with the news and quickly admitted that the mechs recently updated in-game. In addition to the comics’ appearance, it would also go well with the Hulkbuster feature which would clarify the reason for not having a Hulk skin that goes with the new version.

The Hulkbuster scene is widely regarded as one of the best from Avengers: Age of Ultron The scene was equally entertaining and messy. The plot was entangled with the introduction of several new characters, like Vision as well as the difficult method of Wanda Pietro and Wanda. Pietro. The action sequences were awash with money and imagination and the Hulkbuster is still a standout.

As of right now, players are able to operate in the Hulkbuster as part of the Marvel Avengers and it is almost invincible. It bounces around, pounding and slamming opponents while permitting fans to shoot its fist as well as other weapons within Iron Man’s arsenal.

Fortnitemostly has had a long-running relationship with Marvel and has the battle pass of season 2 that came with several classic Marvel skins. There are also many Spider-Man-related skins, emotes, and others. The Hulkbuster could be an excellent option to give players a completely different experience, while also continuing the successful Marvel streak.

It’s believed to function in exactly the same way as current mechs, and while there is no date for release confirmed, it is expected to be compatible with that comic or follow closely the release.

A few players have been dissatisfied by the flurry of IP crossovers, however, Marvel is a cherished IP that a lot of people will put money into. Find out the full story of Fortnite’slatest updates and leaks in the News section!