Fulqrum Publishing delays Men of War II to 2023

Ukrainian developer Best Way has officially delayed Men of War II, which is a direct follow-up to the RTS classic.

Men of War II The coming World War II real-time strategy sequel to the 2009 smash was recently moved from its release date of 2022. It was created in collaboration with Ukrainian Studio Best Way, Men of War II is expected to be released in 2023. There is no future release date or a new date for release.

Then, Fulcrum Publishing also softened the blow by including an updated trailer. The full trailer is available here. announcement from the official feed on Twitter:

Although Men of War Men of War series has had a variety of sequels in the past, this version will be a straight sequel increasing expectations for a single-player game that is a good storyteller and has believable combat. The first Men of War received lots of praise for its plot although the dialogue seemed a bit stiff.

The games are the hallmark of the game, allowing them to stand out from the numerous real-time war games. Newcomers like the Great War: Western Front which has just released its first teaser this week, are likely to be unable to find the right approach or method that sets them apart.

Straightforward war movies require an effective hook to be captivating as well. Men of Waris one of the few series that can be trusted with respect to this. Check out Men of war II’sfirst trailer to get an idea of what the game will be like:

The developers behind the game have outlined a number of reasons to delay Men of War II. In a lengthy blog article, they’ve said that they’re planning “to accommodate new features and content”. This is quite a surprise as most delays are necessary to polish the existing system or graphic.

Additionally, Men of War IIdevelopers Best Way were located in Severodonetsk and this meant they were directly impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The studio has consistently produced high-quality games with a robust mechanics that competes with the best AAA titles, which is why they are deserving of all the attention and time they require.