Genshin Impact Collei will be available for free in version 3.1 according to leaks

A Genshin Impact leak claims that Collie will be made available as a reward when you complete the Spiral Abyss challenge in the 3.1 updates!

A Genshin Impact leak has revealed that Collie could be made available for free with the 3.1 updates.

Genshin Impact is currently running the initial version 3.0 which includes an exciting schedule of adventures and quests along with new banners for characters. Because of the current release in the 3.1 closed beta details regarding the next release is now coming on the internet. To date, 3.1 leaks revealed a number of amazing features that are expected to be available.

In the game Genshin Impact, players may take on the Spiral Abyss. It is a specific kind of Domain that is located within Musk Reef. It is required that players are at least Adventure Rank 20 to have access to the Spiral Abyss. The area is divided into two areas: Abyss Corridor and Abyssal Moon Spire, with a total of 12 floors, and three rooms on every floor. Within the Abyss Corridor (floors 1-8) each enemy has the same level, whereas on the Abyssal Moon Spire (floors 9-12) the opponents in the chambers rise in difficulty as time goes by.

The Spiral Abyss offers substantial rewards for players. In the chamber, the Bounty is given to players after their first successful completion of every chamber. Additionally, players can get rewards from the Star’s Bounty rewards for the Abyss Corridor, which are unique rewards that consist of Primogems as well as Mora. Additionally, players who complete Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss will get a Xiangling character.

According to a leak from Genshin Impact data miner, Project Celestia players are able to claim Collie for free when they have cleared floor 4, Chamber 3 in version 3.1. People who were not lucky to receive Collie through the character banner could get Collie, the Dendro character through in the Spiral Abyss.

However, leaks are likely to alter until version 3.1 becomes available, and players can expect to hear the announcement of brand-new characters for free during the 3.1 Special Program.