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Steam Deck is a great way to bring your Steam library along with you wherever you go. Proton allows you to play Windows with it, and also allows for emulation. Many people only play on consoles so the Steam Deck is the best way to get games that aren’t available on console. There are also a few that won’t be coming to console. Every gaming platform is tested, with the Playdate the next. I have enjoyed playing a lot of Steam Deck games in the past few weeks. I was amazed at how different games adapt to Steam Deck and how Steam Deck lets me play games that I’ve never tried before.


I created a guide for JRPGs and a guide for fighting games on Steam Deck. These two guides showed me that some older games are simply not accessible on modern consoles, and how they won’t be available on mobile or console. This helped me to create a new feature. To test the strength of Steam Input controllers and Community controllers, I bought some PC-only Steam games. The games should allow keyboard and mouse access to the Steam Deck. Some of the indie games I have been playing are not yet available on consoles. There are likely to be some surprises in the future. The games listed below are not yet available for consoles. Although it was hard to limit the list to 10, we are here. This will help you to find great PC-only gmaes you can use on your Steam deck.



Vampire Survivors was something I wasn’t sold on initially, but many of my friends were obsessed with them a few month ago. It was a great way to get on Steam Deck, which I just recently discovered. It’s a great game with a fun atmosphere and a lot of roguelites. But it’s a different version of the game’s humor. It’s very enjoyable on Deck, and I used to play it every day when I was taking a break from my job. Vampire Survivors is $2.99 in early access. However, with a scuffle it is the best 3 dollars you can spend on a steam deck. It doesn’t appear on any other platforms. However, I don’t doubt it.



The Pixel Remasters were my best friend. They allowed me to play the most popular game on Steam as well as the best JRPGs. You can change the font and make different portraits. You can do a lot with them, including fix any performance issues. But what really draws me to the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Steam Deck is the ability to fix the font and fix the judder, as well as install the controller in the native language. Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy IV are all reviewed.


Final Fantasy V, VI and the other four games have been verified by Steam Deck. Final Fantasy V and VI work fine with some rules and no game-changing issues. Steam versions can be purchased as a bundle for a discount, and some additional features make it even more valuable than the mobile version. Check out the Steam bundle.



RimWorld was a game I’ve heard many times, but didn’t bother to learn until I bought the Steam Deck. RimWorld is an enjoyable colony simulation strategy game that runs smoothly on Steam Deck thanks to the new control option. This update was made by the developer. It’s easy to see why Rimworld is so popular. I plan on returning for more this year. I won’t be buying any expansions or modifications until I have had enough of the base game, which costs more than its asking price. Although RimWorld doesn’t appear to be coming soon to console, despite its ratings issues, I think it would be great fun to see the iPad version.



Stephens Sausage Roll is now a part of The Witness, Baba is You and A Monsters Expedition, which were some of the most popular puzzle games of all time. This game is beautifully designed, with simple controls and mechanics that are slowly introduced to make it easy for you to feel again intelligent. Although it’s difficult, the winnings are huge. You can complete all levels of the island, losing or burning multiple sausages. His story is the real-time element of the puzzle.



It was a little more difficult than RimWorld, especially on Steam Deck. Many games are designed for keyboard and mouse control, so you need to learn how to find your own intuitive controls on Steam Deck. You can create community layouts or use custom-made systems. The excellent Zachtronics and the classic Opus Magnum puzzle are both must-plays. It will help you memorize and teach programming logic in your novels, I believe. It seems unlikely that it will be available on a console, however, there are possibilities for an iPad version. You can adapt the controls if you are interested in programming or puzzle games.

EURO TRUCK Simulator 2 ($20.99)


Euro Truck Simulator is already yours if you have had a Steam account longer than a few months. It’s almost ten years old and I haven’t had it for so many years. You will travel across Europe to transport cargo to your destination. This simulator is one my favorite PC-only games, and I am shocked that it has not yet made it to consoles. It doesn’t matter if you have a Steam Deck, or a steam deck. Valve can verify it. You will enjoy this enjoyable experience for more than 100 hours. If you don’t feel like buying, you can even check it out.



Inscryption is an Indie-game I’m thinking of playing, but it hasn’t been yet listed. If you enjoy this type of game, the deck builder has amazing visuals, great sound design, interesting stories, and deserves to be played. Although it isn’t yet confirmed, the game can be played on Steam. You deserve this demo. You might like deck builders and want to explore new styles in adventure-type play. He is unique because he uses other mechanics to make it different from other cards.



Vanrippers Helltaker, a free puzzle game in which demons can be played with great sound and great music, is available for download. As you solve puzzles, you’ll be able to join unique demons. Although this game was not invited at the time, it is quite enjoyable to play on Steam Deck. It all works out in the end. It was a minor issue that I had to fix on Steam Deck, but it allowed me to enjoy the game. It’s worth your time to purchase the artbook DLC, if you enjoy the game. Although we hope Helltaker will one day be in mobile and on consoles, it is worth the effort to play on Steam deck.



Developers of the Doom of Lodoss War in Wonder Labyrinth’ released a side-scrolling video last month. This was translated into ‘Conduise of Lodoss’ for the Deedlit’ em. Drainus is currently only available for PC but will likely be released on consoles in the future. This pre-sale shoot features some amazing visuals. It is a tribute of the best of the genre and offers a lot replay value with customization. This shoot em-up is one of the most popular in recent years and has been a great entry point for new players. Although it’s not verified by Steam Deck, I have played the entire game without any issues on Steam Deck – both on an external display and the Steam Deck itself.

BLACK MESA (19.99)


Black Mesa is a complete reimagining of Valves’ original Half-Life. It includes graphical and gameplay improvements. It looks great and works flawlessly on Steam Deck, and it is the best way you can experience Half-Life. Although this demo is not available, it’s well worth your time if you want to see Half-Life. It won’t be available on consoles, and I don’t think it will ever hit consoles. I’m hoping the team will work with us to reimagine more classics as a response to Black Mesa. Because the default setup did not work for me, this one doesn’t keep as much control as it does for me. It’s difficult to fix. Technically, it is playable but not verified on Steam deck. It sometimes displays mouse prompts, and it will probably need to be manually invoked the keyboard.



The best two picks are available on PSP and PS Vita. However, they aren’t compatible with any current console. I still wanted them to be included in the top 10. Although I love the PSVas (yes I do own some), I don’t know many people who have not tried it on a PC. However, this is the best way to get it. Another pick is an early access title that will be coming to consoles later, but it’s still well worth the money on a Steam Deck.

PERSONA 4 Gold ($17,99).


Persona 4 Golden is one of the most loved games ever and can only be played on Steam and PS Vita. It was my first Atlus game and it was a solid JRPG. Persona 4 Golden was a great game. It had a mix of social interactions and dungeon crawling as well as funny characters, annoyed ones, and a high-end soundtrack. The incident was confirmed by Valve on Steam Deck. The screen is flawless and features many great features right from the beginning! Atlus is launching many spin-offs, including manga, anime, and games. This is a must-play Steam Deck game if you don’t own a PS Vita.



These classic Falcom games can only be played on CPSP (and PS Vita via backward compatibility), and not on PC. The best way to enjoy these classic Falcom games is via the PC versions, which are both quite good on Steam Deck. It will change how you see JRPGs, Ys. The Oath In Felghana is a powerful action RPG with one my favorite soundtracks. These games are often discounted, and I highly recommend them.



My Time at Sandrock is a Kickstarter project following My Time at Portia. It’s a console-specific Kickstarter project. This is because it is only currently available on the PC when it is ready for access. Also, My Time at Portia was much more enjoyable on PC than it was on consoles. I believe this will be a better experience here. My Time at Sandrock, a sandbox simulator project, could be completed with an earlier access release. It is still something I am just beginning to explore. It would be great to see the full launch on PC.

Hopefully, you found something useful thanks to my feature. If you find yourself drawn into Vampire Survivors, or the amazingness of Drainus, which very few people have to experience, you might be able to learn more. Thanks for reading, and all the games I missed, I hope to grow as a player on Steam.

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