Halo Infinite releases official Roadmap for Season 3, Forge and More

Halo Infinite officially will announce when fans can expect to Forge new maps new modes, and much more.

Halo Infinite Continues its upward climb with the fans, unveiling an official roadmap, and giving concrete dates for major mechanics such as Forge, Network Co-Op, Mission Replay, and new Battle Passes. This is the complete statement from Halo’s Official Twitter feed that contains a link to find out about the heated 343 Industries team.

Halo Infinite was highly praised upon its launch for its gameplay, however, the game quickly changed to the negative when it became apparent that the game would not include several of the essential elements that helped make Halosuch an adored game.

However, 343 was always an area of contention over the direction they chose for the story, including the demise of the Master Chief character and co-op on couches was a major issue in Halo 5 and many more were purely creative and subjective. Unfortunately, Halo Infinite has been lacking content completely and racing to catch up with the standard of previous installments.

This is why the fans aren’t thrilled this morning with the newly updated map. The dates are clearly stated but they also suggest that Forge will be released in November rather than September. All the announcements on this roadmap pertain to the mechanics and modes that fans had expected the game to provide from the beginning.

The overwhelming response is that the coming content is a bit late, rather than exciting and, consequently, the whole game could be dependent on the involvement of the community with Forge mode.

Halo Infiniteshouldn’t be working in reverse and clearly required more time to work on the basic elements that its competitors will be using to take over Halo’sfuture. It’s a sigh of sadness for all the avid fans for a lifetime. The first Halo games were exciting, original, and vast enough to garner those fans.

We hope that fans who have been patient soon see a return to shape. Halo Infinite’s campaign was effective as was some of their content is fun because the underlying principles for Haloare solid. Therefore, there’s bound to be plenty of hope throughout Halo Infinite’s Halo universe.