League of Legends Wild Rift upcoming champions release date got leaked

Datamined content from LoL Wild Rift reveals the new champions set to be announced as part of patch 3.4!

As per League of Legends Wild Rift, the upcoming 3.4 updates will include four new champions!

LoL Wild Rift is currently playing patch 3.3 which has provided a number of thrilling events, as well as the introduction of more champions. While patch 3.4 is set to release on September 15th, 2022. As patch 3.3 is nearing its end leaks regarding the arrival of new champions for patch 3.4 were discovered online. With the latest Wild Rift leaked contents, players are eagerly anticipating the games that the upcoming champions could provide.

Based on a report made by League of legends Wild Rift data miner YikeZGG, Gwen will be the first character to be revealed in September on the testing server. It will be then Yone on the 12th of September, Vex on the 13th of October, and Warwick on the 21st of October. Additionally, reports have revealed that the highest rank award in Season 7 is The Glorious Crimson Dragon. The weapon enhancements to Glorious Draven can be purchased in the Ranked Store.

The upcoming skins will be available with LoL Wild Rift patch 3.4 which will begin by introducing Space GwenThe enchanting Miss Fortune, Morgana, and Vex are also expected to be added and their release dates have yet to be announced. In the Wild Pass, Stargazer Jayce and Soraka are believed to be the primary skins included. It is expected that the Wild Pass mission system will be changed to allow players to earn rewards.

A brand-new mode will be introduced in patch 3.4 named “Duel Mode,” which is a brand new mode with a 1v1 fight. It will feature a map played in Aram mode, where players will fight each other. But, additional details regarding the game’s new mode aren’t yet revealed.

Although leaks of content are sparking excitement among players they’re always susceptible to change. As of now, players must attend to announcements on further changes up until patch 3.4 is made available.