Modern Warfare 2 DMZ considered internally as “DLC” for Warzone 2

Based on our source Modern Warfare 2 DMZ is being looked at internally as a “DLC” to Warzone 2.


A new report from an entity that has access to one of the most popular platform’s database has provided details that provides clarity on the confusion over DMZ and the date of its release.

A recently released ESRB rating suggests that DMZ might be coming with Warzone 2, as the mention of DMZ was included in the Warzone 2 rating summary rather than Modern Warfare 2. While this is in contradiction to my earlier reports suggesting that DMZ will be a component in the Modern Warfare 2 offers, the previous source has revealed internal information that indicates DMZ is in fact coming with Modern Warfare 2.

DMZ is described in the form of “WZ2 DLC” in these internal documents and has the release date set for October 28th, 2022. This indicates that DMZ is still available in Modern Warfare 2. Modern Warfare 2 package.

The mention of “WZ2 DLC” might seem odd, but as we’ve previously stated previously, the DMZ will utilize its Warzone 2 map in some way. It’s not clear what this Warzone 2 map will be fully utilized, however, only areas of the map that are utilized prior to the Warzone 2 release would be reasonable to provide players with the chance to experience the features Warzone 2 will have to provide.

It’s quite unusual to see DMZ be described as DLC, especially since the mode is released prior to the main game, however in many ways, it’s appropriate.