Modern Warfare 2 ranked play release date speculation

Treyarch Studios has confirmed Modern Warfare 2 ranked Play. The team behind the previous COD league play modes supports Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play was confirmed as a first for Infinity Ward’s series of CoD games. It will be available in the multiplayer sometime around 2023. Fans have been asking for more even though Modern Warfare 2 has just been released.

Treyarch Studios confirmed that they will be adding ranked play to Modern Warfare 2 for the first time. They also developed the FPS mode for other CoD games like Vanguard. In preparation, you can learn about the best load outs and rank up to the maximum level.

Modern Warfare 2 confirmed as a ranked play

Treyarch Studios tweeted on November 2 that ranked play was coming to Modern Warfare 2. It will be out sometime in 2023, according to the official tweet. Although this date is not yet set, it is a good indication that the mode will be added to Modern Warfare 2 season 2.

MW2 Ranked play mode details

Vanguard’s league mode, which was also created by Treyarch, was included in the 2021 game. We believe that the same can be said for Modern Warfare 2. Although we don’t have much information from the studios, we know that Modern Warfare 2 ranked will feature the usual ranked skill divisions and a top 250 leaderboard. There will also be multiple competitive rewards – everything we expect from MW2 ranked.

Treyarch has confirmed that the Call of Duty League moshpit with season1 will launch on November 16. This will likely reveal which game modes we can expect in ranked play. However, there are only a few teasers from Treyarch so far.

Modern Warfare 2 divisions

Another leak suggests that we may be receiving a completely new version of ranked play. This leak comes from VanguardIntel, a Twitter leaker who apparently has determined evidence for the new divisions named. The ranks range from bronze to crimson (why it is above diamond, we won’t know), and also include an iridescent section, which presumably sits at the top of the list, making a total of seven possible ranks.

This is all we know so far about Modern Warfare 2 ranked gameplay. However, there are plenty of maps as well as game modes to get on with. If you want to play with the most popular weapon, make sure you have the best Modern Warfare 2 weapons and any attachments such as the best M4 loadout.