Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifles Tier List

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifles Tier List – Good snipers are tough to defeat in CoD MW2. Find out how each weapon is ranked in this list of rankings.

One-hit kills with sniper kills are extremely enjoyable when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With the brand-new Ground War and Invasion game modes, coordinating shooting on huge maps and collecting kills in non-stop action creates an exciting experience. Modern Warfare is notorious for its fast-paced gameplay and players are constantly keeping on top of the pace of battle.

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifles Tier List – Criteria

Since all snipers are able to kill an opponent with one strike and even over long distances and distances, we do not consider the time required in killing and instead consider damage range as our primary element. The criteria for classification are as below:

  1. Damage Profile
  2. Fire Rate
  3. Handling / Mobility

The damage profile describes how much damage each bullet causes to a body part and it also reveals the amount of damage to the body’s various parts. If you are aiming at another gun, the one with the highest damage will be killed more frequently.


Because snipers are able to use two different use cases: conventional long-range scopes and quick scopes, handling and Mobility are incorporated. Speedier Aiming (ADS) speeds are more suitable for faster scopes, while greater control of aiming is beneficial to spend more time aligning shots.

The term “fire rate” refers to the interval between shots and because all snipers do the same amount of damage, hitting more targets in a shorter time usually results in more deaths.

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifles Tier List

Tier Sniper Rifle
S Signal 50, SP-X 80
A MCPR-300
B LA-B 330

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifles Tier List – Best Sniper Rifles

Signal 50

Its Signal 50 has the highest rate of firing and the best long-range damage curve among all Sniper rifles. Although the scope and time to reload are the slowest, it is still able to shoot at a variety of targets with ease at any distance. It is slightly higher on the legs and lower torso injury to ensure you shoot long distances. Because of the slower velocity of bullets, it is possible that some adjustments are required for shots with a long distance because of bullet drop.

Fire Rate Bullet Velocity Ammo ADS Time Reload Time
111 RPM 650 M/S 5 580ms 4.97s / 6.23s

SP-X 80

The SP-X-80 is the sniper’s weapon with a speedy scope. It’s lightweight and agile, with the fastest ADS time and it has a little faster rate of fire than the other types of shooters (except with the Signal 50, which is better suited to long-range warfare). It’s clear the weapon’s plenty of lethality, however, don’t fret too much about the reload time and it’s also the fastest in the LA-B 330. We’ll definitely use this sniper weapon in the many features of the coming video.

Fire Rate Bullet Velocity Ammo ADS Time Reload Time
51 RPM 780 M/S 5 421ms 3s / 3.97s

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifle Tier List – Great Sniper Rifles


The MCPR-300 is an unlocked sniper rifle by default and is by no means an effective sniper. It’s just a little more than Signal 50 due to its firing damage curve that is based on range. It is the slowest rate of fire among snipers. You can shoot more than 3 rounds with it. Signal 50 prior to the MCPR-300 receiving another. Each of the Signal 50 and the MCPR-300 is more suitable for long-range shots because of the slower ADS.

Fire Rate Bullet Velocity Ammo ADS Time Reload Time
41 RPM 780 M/S 10 510ms 4.3s / 4.8s

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifle Tier List – Worst Sniper Rifles

To say that the LA-B330 is the worst choice is unfair, but somebody must do it. It’s an exact copy of the SP-X 80’s smaller brother. It’s an excellent light sniper that is great in situations with a fast scope however once you gain access to SP-X 80’s capabilities SP-X 80, you’ll want to make the Switch. It’s just marginally better when it comes to handling damage range, speed of fire, and the amount of ammo in the base.

Fire Rate Bullet Velocity Ammo ADS Time Reload Time
47 RPM 780 M/S 5 480ms 3s / 3.97s