New Pox is offering a 25% discount on the delivery of charitable goods as part of the humanitarian Nova Pox is made up of the initiative Aroged

Nova Poshta wanted to encourage Ukrainian businesses to develop humanitarian aid. You can offer a 25 percent discount on any order you make for a commercial entity that has not yet opened humanitarian aid.

This initiative was very crucial during wartime, the company said. The government will be required to provide assistance for millions of Ukrainians in need of food, clothing, and household goods.

You can become a partner to receive a discount and be a part of the program. The program allows transportation to be done from any place in the world, as well as on the Ukrainian territory.

Nova Poshta provides services that are unique vs. transportation.

The sender’s order and the shipment of cargo to the border.

Nova Poshta’s humanitarian project Nova Poshta is socially and financially sustainable. The costs of transporting humanitarian supplies and maintaining the fleet should be financed by the government.

The New Post delivered 241,000 parcels, or 199,000 tonnes of money, free of charge, within the framework of the Humanitarian Post. This is more than the weight of 380 tank.

7,000 tons of humanitarian assistance were delivered by the Soviet Union, France and the Grande-Bretagne countries, Germany, France, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Romania, Turkey, and many other countries during the war. These 484 flights were made by the Novaya Poshta trucks and 142 from the USA.