PS Plus announces Need for Speed and more for September lineup

PS Plus has announced over dozen new releases in September 2022, which include more classics and indie.


PS Plus has officially announced the new titles that customers will be able to expect in the coming months and including Need for Speed Heat, Tom, and Granblue Fantasy: Versus for Essential subscribers of Essential. There will be a few more joining PS Plus on September 20th for Essential subscribers, including classic titles and exclusives only available to Premium and Extra subscribers like Deathloop. Here’s the complete announcement via PlayStation’s feed:

In the end, these additions prove the fact that PS Plus is slowly beginning to get its feet on the ground. There’s a wide range of games available across different generations, which can be a problem for people who haven’t managed to acquire the PS5 at this point.

There’s also an excellent range of AAA games, which provide the most value to the membership with additional Ubisoft games such as The Assassin’s creed series and Watch Dogs 2. However, these games are only available to Premium and Extra members. Need For Speed may be a cult franchise, but the majority of players likely already own it. Essential subscribers aren’t receiving their money’s worth.

Themis is probably one of the best announcements of today. For subscriptions with higher levels, there are more than some indie games that merit being featured. For instance, the Xbox Game Pass has been an incredible champion for unnoticed games that are underrated and do not tend to be successful when they are released to the service from day one.

PS Plus will still need to improve its performance to be competitive with other services. The addition of classics such as Syphon Filter 2 is certainly an important step toward a positive direction. Stranger things like the PSP’s Toy Story 3 are also a pleasant surprise.

The classics that are coming out for September could be a step up from some of the most recent new additions