Rift of the NecroDancer officially revealed with new trailer

The reveal trailer showcases new features and characters in a stand-alone rhythm game.

A classic NecroDancerseries is now receiving a new sequel called Rift of the NecroDancer, which has just released a brand new trailer that showcases gameplay along with music and mechanics. Rift Of The NecroDanceris being touted as a standalone title with a NecroDancertwist. Fans can add the title to their wishlist via Steam today.

You can watch the complete trailer on the developer’s YouTube trailer here:

The game was created in collaboration with Brace Yourself Games. They’re independent developers from Canada and were also the developers of the NecroDancerseries which was launched with the roguelike game “Crypt” from the NecroDancer.

It became a huge success because it successfully combined dungeon-crawler mechanics, the excitement of roguelike gaming, and the demands of having a good rhythm. It was among the first creative twists in the genre of rhythm.

The genre might seem to be something a bit niche however, it’s seeing growth in popularity thanks to the success of Gun Jamand Metal: Hellinger. The new games feature elements from first-person shooters as well as 3D map development.

For those who love NecroDancer, NecroDancerseries The perfect soundtrack is enough. Sometimes, however, fans prefer a more simple layout. It’s more relaxed, and it could shift the focus away from the music. In addition, the classic adorable art style in the NecroDancerseries remains as entertaining just as its music.

The players will take on the character of Cadence who has to travel through the world, repairing rifts that have formed in the contemporary world. There will be rift mode minigames, and boss fights.

The trailer also highlights that the new game includes more than just some hints of other rhythm games which inspired or were influenced by the NecroDancer. This is a way to celebrate the genre and appeal to newcomers. Even though it is true that the ongoing NecroDancerstory isn’t exactly the purpose of a rhythm-based game, it’s a fun one to play.