Sea Piece Update 7 Log and Patch Notes

The latest update to Roblox Sea Piece is out and adds new content, updates, and bugs to the game!

Roblox Sea Piece is a game for the Roblox platform action-based RPG created by Mvngo DEV for the platform. In this game, you’ll create a character and try to build their abilities within the world of famous manga and anime, One Piece. The most recent update to the game is out and comes with a myriad of new content, updates, and bugs fixed!

Here’s a complete overview of the changes made to the game that was announced on the official Sea Piece Discord. You can also find free things by going to the Sea Piece Coupons site.


  • Shiny Magu Magu No Mi
  • Ryokan
  • Katakuris Trident


  • Magu
  • Pika


Shiny Yami x Gura
– Gura Punch enhanced: 115 dmg per band -> 150 dmg for each ring (3 rings all)
– Dark Vortex buffed: 20 dmg -> 22 dmg
Blackball buffed Excellently buffed charge scaling
– Tsunami buffed: 250 dmg -> 500 dmg
Shiny Mera
The Firefly was buffed with 50 dmg to 100 dmg
The Flame Pillar is buffed to 150 dmg to 350 dmg
– Hiken buffed: 75 dmg -> 150 dmg
Blade assault amplified by 40 dmg each tick = 50 DMG for each tick (20 ticks in total)
• Island Cutter buffed: 250 DMG -> 300 DMG
– Gravity Pull amplified 30 dmg to 50 dmg
– Gravity Push amplified 30 dmg, then 50 dmg
– Gravity enhanced 4 dmg/tick to 6 dmg per tick (20 ticks)
– Magu Fist buffed: 30 dmg -> 75 dmg
– Magu is now able to burn every move
The newest version of Pika Beam now comes with auto-aim
– Pika Kick buffed: 30 dmg -> 75 dmg
– Icebird buffed: 25 dmg ->
– Ice stomp buffed: 60 dmg -> 120 dmg
– Ice Age buffed: 100 dmg -> 200