The conference held on June 9 – Devolver Digital Marketing announced

You can see that videogame companies are taking over television shows. Devolver Digital is on their way to the first show in June! Players should expect to see the Devolver Marketing Countodnw, also known as Marketing.

The press release contains the announcement.


While the industry is growing in the utmost canceled video game conferences, Devolver Digital got in a brave, unfiltered marketing assault on June 9 at 3pm, live The Countdown To Marketing for Devolver consists of thirty minutes of glorious entertainment before the start to a rather anti-climactic show. The festival will take place in the spotlight.

Devolver Scienticians discovered that when the audience is at its highest, it is a sign that the event is being rethought. This was based on extensive consumer research. Devolver will take advantage of this potential pre-show with the most impressive countdown. What cost?

This is part of Summer Game Fest so you’ll likely find new games on your phone. Don’t worry about tangible things, stay tuned to MP1