The lawsuit with Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of a bankruptcy

The lawyer representing starlet Amber Heard, who died in court yesterday, when Johnny Depp died, claims the 36-year-old actress does not have enough money to pay her former husband compensation. Based on the ruling of the judge, Hurd has to pay Depp $ 10 million as compensation, as well as an additional $5 million as a fine.

Financial experts are watching the current situation carefully. They are predicting the actress’s financial ruin. The scandal surrounding Johnny Depp has a serious effect on her image and career. She was extremely successful.

Heard was never going to be heard again to Hollywood. Would you consider hiring her if you’re creating films or are thinking of casting? Consider the protests over Aquaman 2, said Mark Borkowski the expert in public relations.

The lawyer believes she has three solutions to this issue. Amber could appeal, ask for the the reduction or even begin to sell the home.