The SEGA MicroSD controller is also available for free

The most efficient results are achieved by processors that have two cores.

Finnish enthusiast Luumi who has a experienced of extreme overclocking, began the weekend by releasing the GPUPI model record of the processor Intel Pentium Gold G7400. This officially falls as a model that has two processors.

Image Source: HWBot, Luumi.

The scientist who conducted the study observed that, using liquid nitrogen in the system, it could operate at in a multi-modality 6473 MHz, with 4 threads in two cores and the racks were set to freeze in a beautiful fashion so that the structure took on the appearance of an ice-covered castle.


Image Source: HWBot, Luumi.

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The test was completed in just 4 minutes and 19.878 seconds, which makes it possible to get the highest score not just in this case, but also in the Pentium Gold G7400 model’s performance, but in all processors that have two cores. While it was in line with the absolute rankings it was inconceivable to surpass the 1445th spot and it was therefore a natural choice to perform the test to be conducted. The system also has the EVGA Z690DARK ngp motherboard as well as an 20W super Flower energy source.