They confirm that the Andean condor rescued by the Environmental Police in Traslasierra was shot

  • It is stable, and its prognosis is not certain.
  • This condor currently being treated to prevent poisoning by the lead contained in pellets, and is expected to go through surgery.

The week before, Environmental Police personnel from the Ministry of Coordination , alerted by a park ranger helped rescue an Andean condor, which could not navigate across National Route No. 148 . The specimen was then immediately taken into the Tatu Carreta reserve located at Casa Grande, so that they could stabilize it, analyze it and identify the root cause of the condition.


The experts conducted the first studies on sanitary conditions and, using an X-ray, they could observe that the animal was hit by seven hits from ammunition fired from a shotgun. They also discovered it is possible that it won’t be capable of flying again.

“We appreciate the behavior of the neighbors and we remind the public that in situations where they find wild animals in a state of vulnerability, it is best that they notify our department ,” said the Secretary of the Environmental Police, Adrian Rinaudo.

“Although we don’t know if he will be able to fly again, we are confident that he is in good hands under the care of the Tatu Carreta specialists .”

To stop the lead in the shots from impinging on him the patient is receiving an chelation treatment along with regular blood tests and regular complementary research.

His health condition is in good shape; specialists are responsible for providing him with food, painkillers and antibiotics, as well as making sure his body is strong and ready for the procedure the patient will go through to remove the projectiles at the lowest possibility of risk.

After the treatments it’s receiving, it’ll be able to get an accurate image of the possibility that it will be restored to its natural environment. The issue lies in the fact that one of his worst injuries is on his left leg, meaning it is not possible to walk or take a taxi to get on a plane.

If you are able to recover your health status, introduction of the animal is straightforward. Being an adult, human intervention shouldn’t affect the survival instincts of the animal.