Toyota is unveiling a power voltaic system for home use

Toyota hasn’t achieved a lot of success in the mass production of electric vehicles. Toyota has been producing long-time hybrids, and therefore has considerable experience in the development of traction batteries. The Japanese company decided to buy a fixed energy storage unit for home use for now. This will only be offered in Japan.

The geographical specialization of the new solution for Toyota stands out even in the name of the UIchi Kyuden system, and also in the way that it is adapted to the central voltage standard. The power supply from the battery gives it an antiseptic power so that it can be put in the space. This battery has a temperature range of minus 20 to plus 45 degrees Celsius. The battery itself measures 1142 341 432 mm and weighs 142 kilograms, hat a power of 8.7 kWh and can supply a total power of 5.5 kW for the consumers. The system also includes a compact power management unit which weighs 33 kg, a 9 kg transformer for DC-Ham and a car-recycled adapter. In such a way, this battery could recharge its own traction and power the home network by turning the centralized power supply off. In this case, however, the power power of connected households can’t exceed 1,1 kW.

There is also an app for smartphones, but it is only available in Japanese up to now. The novelty is coming on sale in August, but not in Japan. Construction companies will distribute the system in the local market. Since 2015, Tesla has been distributing its household energy storage systems. Later, Mercedes-Benz and Renault have joined this company. These machines usually have used traction batteries that let them extend their lifecycle.


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