TSMC will begin production of 3nm Apple M2 Pro chip in 2022

Jeff Pu said that Apple’s principal source of supply, TSMC, is going to begin production using a the three-nm process prior to 2022.

The brand new M2 Pro chip is rumored to be in the upcoming mac mini, currently being created under the code name J474 and in the Mac Pro.

In addition, the analyst suggests the launch of a the new iPad Pro with 3nm chips. Apple is likely to upgrade tablets like the iPad Air as well as iPad mini tablet to M1/M2 chips in the basic version and it is expected that the iPad Pro is expected to be equipped with an M2 Pro.

It is important to note that M2’s chip being showcased at WWDC 2022 is based on a 5nm process technology similar to the M1 but with a performance boost and similar to M1, the M2 chip will be 18% more powerful.

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