X is available today 10 June at Microsoft Store Italy. There aren’t a few devices available

Until then, it will be difficult to get a Xbox Series X model because of dropper distribution and limited supply. However, the possibilities could become endless if Microsoft makes new units available through its store.

Today, for example, is 10 June. It is also available for purchase on the Italian PC and on the Microsoft Store at a list price of 499.99 euros. Although there is no need to purchase an Xbox Series X console, users can still use a wireless remote controller and a console. The blue color was also reported as exhausted.

The Xbox Series X is not available from Microsoft as usual. It is important to act quickly if you wish to purchase this platform. The console will eventually be available for purchase, but even then, the inventory could be limited by the ongoing semiconductor crisis.

With the Xbox event on June 12, 2022 nearing, it may be even more exciting to get the series. Congratulations.