Phil Spencer’s reputation helped the purchaser able to obtain Obsidian citizenship

Obsidian joined Microsoft in the month of November in 2018, and is now a key team within Xbox Game Studios. Xbox Game Studios. Obsidian is working in Grounded, Pentiment, The Outer Worlds Two and Avowed. While the transition was ongoing, the focus of the company has increased as the Microsoft post has already been set up with approximately 300 people.

In a chat with IGN the chief of Obsidian Fergus Urquhart said that the decision to launch an Xbox part was not easy and Phil Spencer’s fame was well-respected. Urquhart claimed that he spoke with the designers of Xbox and presented the Xbox team to Avowed. This led to that the company was acquired by Microsoft. According to Spencer, he didn’t personally knew Phil Spencer, but he maintained a good reputation within the field.

I was not aware of Phil Spencer at the time I don’t know if there was possible that I spoke with him just at most once or twice. What’s is interesting about Phil is the fact that he’s a person whom I’m not sure. I’m not going to claim that Phil Spencer is Phil Spencer. He is the one who runs all games within Microsoft. He has personally been around, and I have even what I observed about him. He is a real person. in all respects, one who isn’t a fan of games. So they are able to trust her.

Urquhart said that there are also employees at Xbox who he used to know well, including the head of Xbox Matt Booty and senior director of business development Noah Muslera.

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