Solo Leveling, a popular action and adventure manhwa, animation is launching in 2023

With more than 14 million views through TappyToon Comics, Solo Leveling is sure to be a huge hit in adventure and fantasy animation in 2023!


Solo Leveling an immensely well-known Manhwa (which is Korean comics) from DUBU (REDUCE STUDIO), Chugong, and H-Goon. Crunchyroll announces that the well-known comedy, fantasy action, adventure, and fantasy series will be made an anime for television through A-1 Pictures, launching in 2023!

The official trailer shows Jinwoo, the main protagonist. Jinwoo and the start of his journey from E-rank Hunter to something more extraordinary with the snippets of the manhwa.

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Solo Leveling tells Jinwoo Sung’s story who is an E-ranked hunter which makes him the most pathetic of the lowest. Jinwoo is always judged and is viewed as a failure. He isn’t able to earn money as a hunter, prospects for employment, or prospects for the future. Each time he steps into the dungeons, he is at risk of his life and is injured.

Things changed things drastically when Jinwoo and his group discover the dungeon hidden within the supposedly safe dungeon. Instead of turning around the group decides to move into the unknown dungeon. This is, however, their fall.

The dungeon that lies hidden in this cave is a dark place that steals everything out of Jinwoo and his group. Yet, it provides something that is unimaginable in exchange.

In the hospital, upon awakening, Jinwoo discovers that he is “awakened” and has become a “player.” Because of the status of a player, Jinwoo is able to see elements of RPG that no one else can.

To increase his level, he must complete quests and challenges which can have devastating consequences if he fails to complete the task. As he progresses the player gains strength and discovers it’s possible to discover more in these dark dungeons as well as the world than anyone ever believed feasible, and it’s his job to save the world.

With more than 14 million viewers on TappyToon Comics, this manhwa is full of hilarious and enjoyable moments. It also has blood, dark themes, and gore, which is why it is best read by people of a mature age.

Solo Levelingwill certainly be a huge hit animation in 2023 for people who enjoy action or fantasy as well as RPG elements. Check out our Animation section for even more amazing content!