Alien Shooter Simulator Codes – Roblox – June 2022

All valid Roblox Alien Shooter Simulator codes in one updated list – Roblox Games By Official Simulator Games. Redeem these codes to get Crystals, Coins, Gems, Items, Boosts and Other In-Game Rewards


Roblox Alien Shooter Simulator Codes – Full List

These codes can be used to redeem crystals, coins or gems as well as items, boosts, and other in-game rewards


Both active and valid codes

These are the valid codes

  • IW36JCC – Redeem Code > 30 Minutes of Auto-Farm New (expires May 22).

We will soon add more codes and gifts to the site. Keep checking back, new codes will be added as soon as they become available

Codes that are expired

There are no expired codes currently


  • M9X29TX: Redeem Code > 30 Minutes x2 power
  • C85QRL – Redeem Code > 30 minutes Auto Farm
  • 80PXEGA – Redeem Code > 30 minutes Auto Farm
  • V7MLDPP – Redeem Code > 30 Second Auto Farm
  • W2OZQ2A – Redeem Code > 30 Second Auto Sell
  • V7MLDPP – Redeem Code > 30 Second Auto Farm
  • NRBF65K Redeem Code >x2 Sell Value

Roblox Alien Shooter Codes – How Do I Redeem?

Launch to start Alien Shooter Simulator.

This video demonstrates how to redeem codes (video by YouTube Gaming Dan).

How to play Roblox Alien Shooter Simulator Roblox Game by Official Simulator Games

Welcome to Alien Shooter Simulator

Alien Shooter Simulator can be found in Official Simulator Games. We strive to create quality content and offer players entertaining simulator games!

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How to Play

  • Click on an Alien to Get Started!
  • Collect tokens from aliens and sell them for crystals
  • You can buy more powerful laser guns with crystals!
  • You Can Upgrade Your Droid to Carry More!
  • Spend crystals to unlock new dimensions for aliens
  • Rebirth at the Last Stage to Receive Special Items and Multipliers! !
  • To Become the Ultimate Alien Shooter God, climb the Leaderboard!

From Roblox Alien Shooter Simulator website

Roblox Alien Shooter Simulator.

Alien Shooter Simulator allows you to beat aliens, collect alien tokens, and then sell them for crystals.


You can purchase new gadgets with the money you earn. You can improve your skills and be the leader of the leaderboard.