All the Zenless Zone Zero characters we’ve seen so far

The Zenless Zero characters that we will be playing in Hoyoverse’s action- RPG Game have been revealed . This anime game will be different than Genshin Impact. It features guns, anthropomorphic creatures, and a modern cityscape. Although we don’t have much information about the new “urban fantasy” adventure game, its colorful cast of characters was clearly shown.

A little background. Zenless Zone Zero allows players to play the role of a “Proxy”, a character that has the unique ability to enter and explore the “Hollows”, which are dimensional, interconnected rifts that have destroyed the rest of the world. Ethereals roam the Hollows and can be found in squads made up of characters.

Why? This is the most important question. The answer is, in essence, loot. Let’s now take a look at what we know so far about Zenless Zone Zero.

Here’s a reference trailer that shows several Zenless Zone Zero characters.



The player assumes the role of a “Proxy”, a person who can enter the ‘Hollow rifts. Two people are seen in the ZZZ trailer. One at 0:22, and another at the end at 2:25. These two characters represent the character of the player. They are a young man or woman. These two people remind us of the Traveler in Genshin Impact where the player can choose to be the brother or sister.

We don’t know whether only the player character acts as a proxy or if the other characters in the trailer act as proxies. We don’t know whether the player character is equipped with weapons or other combat abilities, or if their sole purpose is to allow others characters into hollow rifts. According to the official website, “Live dual identities, two opposing persons.” Proxies work in a warped reality behind seemingly peaceful stress.


Their logo depicts the largest faction in the trailer. It looks like a large rabbit with a menacing smile. has a series tweets about Anby that refer to one character. This faction is also known as the “odd job” faction Cunning Hares. Also called Gentle House. We have:

  • Billy the Kid A cyborg with dual pistols and a carefree personality.
  • Nicole Demara Nicole is the founder of Gentle House. Her device looks like a briefcase but can be made into a weapon.
  • Anby Demarara – Anby was adopted “accidentally” by Nicole. Anby doesn’t have a past. A thick, blade-like weapon is what she wields.
  • A small girl with cat ears and a bladed weapon.


The trailer shows us the next faction group. It looks like they have just stepped out of an anime plant and are ready for a fight. The logo depicts a roaring bear in a hardhat. We have:

  • A man with red and black spikey hair who wears a jacket over his shoulders and uses arm-mounted drills to get weapons.
  • A petite, red-haired woman with a large eye patch and a large hammer.
  • A large bear with black fur and a huge slab of steel wielding it. It could be a rocket launcher or just a slab.


This duo of characters is most mysterious. We don’t even see any partial faction names and the logo is hidden. We have:


  • Unagi A woman in a robe, over a formal office uniform. She wields a large sci-fi knife.
  • Blue-skinned woman wearing horns and a metal face mask. A short jacket is worn by her and she holds a large fan suspended from a pole.


This is the only faction we can see in its entirety. It is a female character dressed as a maid and a male foxman dressed as a butler. The polearm weapon used by the woman is a rotary blade with the end. However, the fox-man does not have any obvious armaments. We do see him kick a lot in his trailer.


Hoyoverse presented a new Zero trailer at Summer Game Fest, June. This gave us a glimpse of a new character and faction. We know only the number 11 and the logo for the new character, which has the words “defence force” written at the top. It’s possible that 11 is a codename for this character, but it’s difficult to determine at this time.

The new character is white-haired with a black uniform and a long, blocky sword. In many ways, she resembles Gentle Houses’ Anby Demara. The two are similar in appearance, have similar weapons and wear similar kits.


The trailer focuses primarily on the main characters, but there are glimpses of other characters. There are several tiny creatures that look a lot like rabbit teddy bears but have glowing round eyes and no faces. A robot in crab-like fashion manning a shop and a robot sitting on a stool with glowing green eyes and green hair are also seen.

This is all we know so far about Zenless Zone Zero characters. This guide will be updated as more information becomes available. You can read everything about the Zenless Zero system requirements. Sign-ups for Beta are also available.