Amazon Offers Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl at a discount

Amazon offers a 20% discount on Pokemon Shining Pearl & Pokemon Shining Diamond today. These exclusive games are Nintendo Switch exclusives. Both versions offer a 25% discount. These two games are recommended at 59.99. This is the lowest price since release. They can be purchased and shipped by Amazon.

We explained that Pokemon Shining Diamond (and Pokemon Shining Pearl) are well-made remakes, but that they are not as strict with the original game. They have been reproduced almost in slavish fashion. The advances made seem almost alien in nature, so it is not surprising that Platino has not been considered. This trip to Sinnoh will be a great experience for new players. There are also some features that they won’t see and that simplify the main story.

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Piplup from Pokemon Shining Diamond or Pokemon Shining Pearl