Free MMOs: RPGs and other massively multiplayer greats

These are the best MMORPG and massive multiplayer games that you can play without spending a penny or a cent in 2022.

What free MMO is best? It is not easy to make such a decision. F2P MMO players now have more choices than ever thanks to free-to-play games. There is a game for everyone, even if your wallet is full of cobwebs and you have zero friends in your bank account.

There are many options, including online war zones and behemoth-free MMORPGs. There are many free games available, not just Runescape and MOBAs.


We have included MMOs that offer long free trials, which allow you to experience a lot of the games without paying a dime. Let’s now take a look at the best online games you can enjoy without spending a lot.

The best MMOs for free are


  • Raid Shadow Legends
  • Enlisted
  • World of Tanks
  • Genshin Impact
  • Star Conflict
  • Crossout
  • Star Trek Online
  • Neverwinter
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Blankos Block Party
  • Archeage
  • Rift
  • Skyforge
  • Eve
  • Blade & Soul
  • Albion Online
  • Smite
  • World of Warplanes
  • Tera
  • Runescape
  • Paladins
  • Dreadnought
  • League of Legends
  • Path of Exile
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Star Wars The Old Republic
  • World of Warcraft



It’s a battle between planes, tanks, ships, for the ultimate victory. This is War Thunder’s ultimate goal. It is an F2P title that specializes in vehicular warfare. There are three games, Ground Forces, Aviation and Naval Battles that share the same title.

The game’s realistic damage model simulates nearly every aspect of ballistics. It can simulate everything from the shell type and speed to thickness and angle of the armour that it hits. Each shot is calculated. This means that you can use real-life techniques like keeping your hull down and angling your armour in order to deflect shells. It can be difficult to get started because of this realism. Make sure you read the War Thunder beginner’s guide.


Play War Thunder to get for free



Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a strategic and management-focused version of the genre. The gameplay revolves around optimizing your squad and collecting heroes. Turn-based combat encourages smart and calculated play. This will challenge both novice and experienced players.

Online battles are also possible with Raid. You can join forces with other players to take on difficult missions or battle against an AI-controlled opponent player. These two options lead to high-quality rewards which can be used to develop and improve your team.


Play Raid Shadow Legends to get for free




This free-to-play WWII shooter lets you storm the beaches of Normandy, and fight across Europe. Enlisted allows players to play and strategize as they fight against a variety of key campaigns. Each location has its own unique weapons, vehicles and aircraft that will help you in your battle.

Your AI squad will be built and improved to include a variety specialists, including flame troopers and tankers. With the ability to switch between soldiers under your command, you can explore every avenue of combat, from aerial support to tank warfare, to aerial support.


This MMO will please history lovers of all levels. It is extremely detailed and you can only use the historical equipment available to complete each campaign.

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World of Tanks has over 800 tanks. If you return to this page within the next hour, that number will probably have increased. World of Tanks is a game for anyone who loves military hardware. World of Tanks is not like War Thunder in that you don’t have to spend hours researching the layout and armour ratings of each vehicle. Instead, World of Tanks uses a more arcade-style approach.

This is not to suggest that there aren’t sophisticated features, but the main feature of World of Tanks is its arcade-style action. World of Tanks, like Call of Duty is simple to learn but difficult to master. Fine margins and lightning-quick reflexes win the battles. A compelling XP system keeps players coming back for more. Although it may not be very real, its speed and intensity make this one of the best tank games.


Play World of Tanks to get for free




World of Warships replaces the World of Tanks twitch shooter components for a more tactical and slowed-down style of play. Warships can crawl and creep across the map and have enough power to destroy everything else with a single shot.

This change in pace results in more calculated and nerve-wracking action. Shots can take long to reach their targets. This means that each moment is spent anticipating the movements of your foe or avoiding incoming fire. World of Warships has a more cinematic feel than its sibling on-tracks due to the vast scale of its warfare. It also has beautiful sunsets, if you are looking for a free-to play war game.

It’s not going to get old with regular updates that include everything from Halloween cosmetics to Pan-Asian Destroyers and World of Warships.

Play World of Warships free



Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has it all. Open-world RPG that offers some of the most user-friendly and free-to-play gameplay mechanics. Once you have completed the story, it’s time to move on to the real fun part, which is exploring Teyvat’s vast and beautiful world. There are rewards to be earned, more to do and puzzles to solve no matter where you go.

Genshin Impact does not offer multiplayer PvP. However, you can still play the vast open world with up three friends in coop. This is great for those who want to unwind at a lake or to slay their way through some dungeons. Cross-play is available, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a friend playing on PC.

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Star Conflict puts players in the shoes of a space pilot who is on a mission to find and defeat alien treasures. The game’s progression revolves around acquiring more and more ships, from agile fighters, to floating behemoths. Finally, you will have control of your own fleet.

You and your friends will be facing off against space pirates and squadrons of aliens in PvE raids. PvP can also pose a threat to you wherever you go. You’re never far from a new weapon type, or ship module thanks to an impressive tech tree. This is one of the few MMOs that you can play in VR thanks to Star Conflict Oculus Rift support.

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Romans in the Age of Caesar

This MMO is for grand strategic games. Romans: Age of Caesar will see you work with thousands of players to rebuild the Roman Empire. You’ll also be responsible for maintaining a city that has up to 16 players.

You’ll work together to defend your community against barbarian attacks, and to gather resources to expand your city. It will feel very real to be part of an online empire, as you start to build relationships and trade routes with other cities.

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Crossout is an MMO-action game for post-apocalyptic environments that is as varied and satisfying as it is fun. You can scavenge materials to create more terrifying vehicles of war than any ten year old could imagine. What could you want more from your multiplayer online games?

You can create a wide variety of vehicles and customize them with many bespoke parts. Then you use them to take out your enemies in action-packed, high-octane skirm matches. You can play in PvE or PvP, and even fight against bosses created by players.

There are many weapons available to you: machine guns and rocket launchers favor the most offensive players, while stealth generators or drones allow for more flexibility in your approach. Your explosive efforts will also be used to create blueprints, missions, and storage space for your five chosen factions. It’s never been more lucrative to shoot and build things. It can seem a bit difficult at first. Make sure to read our Crossout beginner’s guide.

Crossout to get for free




MMOs have character creation tools that allow you to customize everything, from your avatar’s jawline to their eyelash length and chest hair density. However, they are not as flexible as Star Trek Online. Are you tired of being a human? You don’t have to be a human anymore!

Star Trek Online is like a series of episodes: One moment you’re wandering through space and the next, you have to make deals with or shoot lasers at one of the franchise belligerents. Star Trek Online is able to bring the tone and storylines of TV shows to an F2P MMO, whether it’s in spaceship battles or the ground. You can even update it as a TV series, with extensions like Victory is Life bringing Deep Space Nine’s crew to the game.

Play Star Trek Online for free




The history of Neverwinter is long. It began in 1991 as the first graphical MMORPG. After that, BioWare revolutionised the world of player-made modules with Neverwinter Nights. Modern Neverwinter draws from both. Players can set up D&D characters in the city and allow them to create their own stories. Ravenloft characters are also available. If you are willing to dig, there are many creative community adventures available.

You don’t have to go to the Forgotten Realms to get them – Neverwinter players have been able to explore some of their most loved corners, such as the Underdark or Icewind Dale. If you want to explore more of this beautiful world, Baldur’s Gate 3 is also available.

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It was not easy to make an MMO from the popular Final Fantasy series. Square Enix made Final Fantasy XIV a mess the first time and had to make another attempt to turn it around. They eventually turned one of the worst MMOs available on PC.

Final Fantasy XIV isn’t like other MMOs. It doesn’t require players to grind endlessly with multiple characters to find the combat class they desire. You only need to reach level ten to unlock the ability to switch between eight of the game’s combat classes. You can also play it in cross-play with PlayStation users. It’s a lucky thing.


Guild Wars 2 is unique in MMORPG terms because it has a storyline that responds to player actions. Instead of traditional quests players will encounter dynamic events all over the game. There are many paths to success for each encounter, and your actions in Guild Wars 2 can have serious consequences.

You might have to deal with the aftermath of an attack by a larger group of ogres, such as repelling them or hunting down and eliminating the remaining ogres. This MMO is free and offers the questing variety of one of the most popular RPGs. What’s not to like?



Blankos Block Party is basically a huge party hosted by a colorful cast of collectible vinyl figurines. The ‘Junction’ is the central hub where players can complete quests to unlock Blankos items. Or, you can join a party hosted by your friends.
You can create all kinds of games with the tools available. And because it’s completely free to play, everyone you know can test them out. Each season will bring new content, which will lock out the older content. The Blankos and other items that you can buy are limited editions. You will also be able to trade valuable assets in the player-owned economy.



Finally, an MMO to suit sailing enthusiasts! No, not the sweater-tied-around-neck, regatta and finger sandwich type of sailing. ArcheAge’s world features rum-drinking, Kraken fearing pirates who navigate the vast oceanic map, completing sidequests, and hoarding loot. This makes Archeage a top pirate game on PC.

There is actually something to do at sea, which is a departure from most MMOs. There’s also something to do in the air – players can raise dragon mounts that will become terrifying sky-conquering beasts. ArcheAge can be played for free with an optional subscription. However, ArcheAge Unchained is a different game, which allows you to access all gated content and costs a one-time fee.



Rifts are, as you would expect, what make Rift one the most exciting and fun free MMOs available on PC. These portals appear randomly across the globe, creating hordes or giant bosses that can be fought.

Rift is more than a multiplayer version of whack a mole. Rift boasts one the most flexible classes systems in the genre. This allows players to make a wide range of builds. Every style of play can be accommodated, from the most specific to the master-of-all trades.



Free MMOs may not be as appealing as triple-A, buy-to-play titles. Skyforge makes this exception. You can wander through Aelion, a sci-fi fantasy-themed planet. Admire the bright sunlight shining through the foliage and the crisp fidelity that the lightning is firing from your hands. It is easy to forget that you are only playing a game that costs nothing.

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Skyforge is much more than a pretty face in a genre that’s otherwise quite ungainly. Skyforge is one of the few games that actively encourages experimentation among different classes. It allows the player to change between classes in a matter of seconds, which opens up all the combat styles to experimentation and mastery.



There are few games that boast battles as epic and costly as Eve Online. Eve Online, a free MMO/galactic conquest sim, features corporations made up from thousands of players battling it out across an entire system. Although you can create your own venture in hostile galaxies, the real attraction is to petition a corporation for their employment and live the life of a space-age peon.


Blade & Soul, a Korean fantasy martial art MMORPG, is available. If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, honestly, we don’t know what will. The game’s complexly designed world, inspired by Hyung Tae Kim’s visual style, four distinct races, and ten compelling classes may entice you.

You can choose to play the powerful Gon, versatile Jin, master of nature, Yun or any other role. It’s always fun to battle using the fast, high-octane combat method. You will need combo chains and rapid counters, regardless of whether you are playing with your friends to take on a variety of dungeons. It’s also free and you can start right away with our Blade & Soul guide . No cash is required.



Albion Online is a MMO that does not have character classes. Although it is unusual to not feel obligated to create a class, Albion Online makes it very easy. You can build your character from scratch, and you can adjust your combat role to suit your team or the current situation.

Albion’s player-driven economy and the risk of losing all your loot in a poorly planned move against your opponent or an unprecedented enemy ambush are the main draws. Albion is a game that puts strategy and decision making at the forefront of the genre.


What makes Smite special? Smite offers a third-person view, which is more direct than the typical MOBA top-down view. Although it’s a minor tweak, it adds to the flavor and pace. Smite now feels more action-oriented, while all the MOBA basics are there: roles, creeps towers, lanes and – ofcourse – the best Smite gods.

Smite’s main mode, like League of Legends and Dota 2, features two teams of five gods fighting for dominance of an arena. Smite is a MOBA-focused game with many other modes. Joust reduces the number to one and Assault randomly assigns gods to each player. Even if you’re not interested in esports prizes, there are enough gameplay options to keep players coming back.



World of Warplanes, a free MMO with over 4000 customization options for five different aircraft vessels, will keep you in the middle of the conflict that was the Golden Age of military aviation.

This HTML2 game is not a grind. This action-heavy dogfighter shines in the 12v12 battles. Wargaming’s sky-based combater is as beautiful as its death and destruction.



You may have tried many MMOs and become tired of the same combat system that they use. TERA is a new MMO that uses click-to attack mechanics to allow for fluid, third-person action combat. You can even use a controller to make it more action-oriented. You can think of Devil May Cry as an MMO, and you’re halfway there.

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Rapid combat doesn’t mean that there isn’t RPG depth. You will find everything you’d expect from a large MMO, including expansive open worlds and intricate skill trees. You can also see the Korean heritage in this game, which features detailed character designs and a wide range of monster types to help you get your blades into.



Runescape, at over 20 years old, is still able to purchase a drink at the bar. You don’t get that much experience in the industry if you aren’t playing the best PC game. It should be abandoned and disused by gaming standards. But with a thriving community and one of the most free-to-play games available, and updates that are almost impossible to track, Runescape feels just as fresh and young as it did in 2000. There have been hundreds of new features, quests, characters, and festive events.

Runescape is also one the friendliest MMOs, with a large community of veterans who are always willing and able to help a newbie in need. Alternately, you could use our Runescape beginner’s guide. Although Runescape is not the most visually appealing MMO, you can still run it on a potato.



Paladins is a first-person shooter with cartoon visuals, champions, and a free game. Paladins was developed by Hi-Rez Studios who also created the popular MOBA Smite. It uses a simple classification system to classify its champions based on their main strategy.

There are four types of champions that players have the option to choose from: Flank, Damage, Flank, and Flank. This makes it easy to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Still confused? Check out our best Paladin champions guide. Skye, as a Flank champion, is best at attacking key objectives behind enemy lines. A Front Line champion excels in holding the line and stopping other players from getting through. The ultimate meters for each hero ensure that there is never a deadlock and that every player has an advantage that could turn the tide.

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These core elements are combined with regular updates that add new features such as the Paladins Battle Royale mode, and you get a shooter that will keep your attention for many years.



Anyone with taste will agree that piloting a large spaceship is the best thing in life. Yager Development’s 5v5 space combat sim, Dreadnought allows you to do this without any training.

Dreadnought will make you look cool in the pilot’s chair. Your ship will also be cool. Your ship can be customized to your liking so that your enemies in the air can admire how ‘flying’ you are before they’re blown up. As you expand your fleet, the game offers several tactical team-based modes. Dreadnought is a great choice if you are looking for best space games for PC without spending a dime.



League of Legends boasts a player count of nearly 67 million, so you won’t have any trouble finding a game in Riot’s highly-popular MOBA. League of Legends follows a similar format to Dota 2, and has a meta that is constantly evolving and updated. This makes it much more accessible than the competition.

You can see our LoL Tier list to keep up with regular updates. LoL boasts one of the largest eSports prize pool, if your goal is to become a pro. League of Legends’ tournament mode can be a great way to get back into LoL if you are a LoL player from back in the day.



Path of Exile is an action-RPG that’s as good as Diablo. It combines grim fantasy and compelling combat with a wide range of gear, abilities, and upgrades to keep players busy for hours. You won’t have to retread the same ground every time, as every area is randomly generated across all servers. This means that every dungeon your friends and you are fighting through will be unique.

It is also an MMO that gets a huge content update and competitive shake up every three months. Expedition was its most recent expansion and added tons of new items and challenges. We can also look forward to the Path of Exile 2, which will be released on April 20th. This update was originally an update, but has evolved into a full-fledged sequel.

Path of Exile also sheds some light on the most hated of all monetisation strategies, microtransactions. Developers of the game are so against pay-to win business models, they have included only ethical microtransactions in their game. This means they do not add any gameplay benefits to customers.



It would be great to just jump in to an MMO and not have to spend hours learning its lore. You will likely already be familiar with the basics of Tolkien’s Middle-earth before you enter Lord of the Rings Online. That is only half the battle. Middle Earth: Shadow of War wasn’t enough to satisfy your Tolkien-itch, then this MMO free will.

You can avoid all quests, NPCs, and PvP encounters to focus on what’s important: exploring all of the iconic locations in the franchise, such as Rohan, Moria and the Shire. The game has been adapted to almost every setting from the lore. Contrary to the popular meme, you can actually waltz through the gates to Mordor. However, in true MMO fashion, you will need to do a lot of farming to meet certain area requirements.



Star Wars: The Old Republic is not a unique MMO. The story is told, you choose a faction or a class, then you go through some typical grindy missions. Surprisingly, the story gets better and better over time. You find yourself spending hours on the game just to see the next cutscene.

Although it started as an MMO subscription-based, SWTOR can now be played for free. However, leveling up will take some time. It is worth the effort if you want to play as an Imperial Agent or a Sith slave. SWTOR is more than an MMO with Star Wars paint. It’s also one of the most popular Star Wars games.



World of Warcraft is one of the most beloved and loved MMOs. Although you can’t take your character beyond level 20, there is a free trial available. Although the Starter Edition is limited in some features, it offers enough content to make this an enjoyable entry. Some of the most exciting World of Warcraft moments may be available to you before your time runs out.

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World of Warcraft holds the record for having 12 million concurrent subscriptions. Azeroth’s size and expansions like Shadowlands make it an ever-growing and massive world. It will take years to see everything hidden in its many dungeons and cities.

Although PC gaming is often criticized for being expensive, we have found that you can still have a great time with our list of free games. Many of these free games are some of the most popular MMOs available today. What are you waiting for?! You are now ready to explore a new world or two.