Amorous Remy Dating Path & Walkthrough

The sexy Remy Dating Path and Walkthrough Best choice to complete the path and walkthrough to unlock the final as well as information on the character


Amorous Remy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Parts & End

Act 1: Pre-Date

The best options in Remy Walkingthrough-Act 1 Pre-Date

  • Find out what she is looking for.
  • Request information what he knows about him.
  • Find out more about him.
  • I’m here on behalf of Remy’s.
  • That’s gross. She deserves better! (Confront him.)
  • Say he was rude!
  • He said you were a sl*t and made a joke of the way you.
  • If you’re looking for a good boy, I’ll do my best. (Flirt.)
  • You can flirt a lot.
  • Find out about her work.
  • Learn for more details about her work
  • Learn more questions about her.
  • Your age is fine with me.
  • Find out for more information about her. x2
  • Find out more about her interests x3
  • You can ask for something that is random.
  • (When you’re talking about sharks) Flirt about it
  • If we can have dommy working with us, then all the better. (Flirt dominantly.)
  • Try something new x2
  • It’s time to leave, I believe?

Act 2: Date

Best options for Remy Walkthrough Act 2, Date.

  • Make her laugh, and do it loudly.
  • He’s a target!
  • We suggest you go to a quieter location.
  • Yes, absolutely.
  • I understand your desire to find out whether you’re in a relationship.
  • You can change things up.
  • Your stand-up for Rip was even more impressive… (Sub.)

Act 3

Best options for Remy Walkthrough 3 Act 3

  • You’re only so old as you feel isn’t it?
  • This is very nice of you to do that. Are you looking for Remy?
  • A second reason to be happy I’m sure…
  • The only person I know was almost punched.
  • We’d meet in the middle of nowhere.
  • Cooking Mini Game:
    • onion
    • ground beef
    • carrots
    • tomatoes
    • Herbs
    • Just wait until the’stop cooking’ is displayed and count 3 seconds , you can press it to end the cooking
  • I’m in love with you.

Act 4

The top choices for Remy Walkthrough Act 4:

  • Text Remy after she’s finished
  • Select any of the four selections

Following these choices, you will have unlocked the ending of Remy’s story and enjoyed it.


Amorous Remy Dating Path & Walkthrough – Bio

If you’re curious to know more about the character, you can understand the reasoning behind each decision during the dates as well as the walkthrough:

  • Remy is a rabbit and the oldest member of the group (32 y.o. ).
  • Stops being shy when you have the right environment.
  • As a cook, she instructs cooking in the evenings.
  • Likes: moderate dominance and the occasional teasing.
  • She is bored with too many questions the first time you meet her.
  • Beware of sharks that are wild.
  • Uses apricot conditioner.
  • Bidirectional orientation (at at the very least initially).