Amorous Seth Dating Path & Walkthrough

Amorous Seth Dating Path and Walkthrough – The best way to complete the path and walkthrough as well as unlocking the end as well as information on the character


Amorous Seth Dating Path & Walkthrough – Parts & End

Part 1: Bar

Best options for Seth Walkthrough Part 1. Bar

  • (Introduce yourself.)
  • Are you a writer?
  • Do you have anything I could read?
  • (Be Kind.)
  • (Somewhere Quiet.)
  • (Relaxing.)
  • Someone that is interesting.
  • Sure!

Second Part: Library and Coffee shop

The best options for Seth Walkthrough Part 2. Library and Coffee shop.

  • Sure!
  • I’m not saying that I intend to.
  • (Secretly obtain a signed copy of the book.)
  • (Something inspiring.)
  • What is it that you are trying to write?
  • Romance or sci-fi (I have tried both, and both can help get a positive response)
  • Regular person
  • No.
  • (Kiss his lips.)

Part 3: Getting Published

The best choices for Seth Walkthrough Part 3: How to Get Published

  • Wow! You must have been truly motivated! (Really any of the two options can work, but this one does better.)
  • Why wait?
  • I am looking at it with anticipation!
  • More Ulterior Motives?
  • Don’t Decorate?
  • I’ve thought about it at times…
  • Why not Self-Publish?
  • I don’t want to be a nuisance to you…
  • (Convince Seth to speak for Seth to speak for)
  • Aww no I’m not!
  • (Finish your chores before you start.)
  • (Let him sleep)
  • Let me drive you home.
  • I’m looking at it with anticipation!

4. Date Night

The best alternatives for Seth Walkthrough Part 4 Date night

  • Aww.
  • Great!
  • I’m sure you’ll see me along with these…
  • (Look for something fancy.)
  • (Bring Flowers.)
  • (Stop for Flowers.)
  • (It’s… It’s nothing.)
  • Alright…

Following these choices, you will have Unlocked Seth’s ending and can and you should be able to enjoy it


Amorous Seth Dating Path & Walkthrough – Bio

If you’re looking to learn more about the character in order to comprehend the reasoning behind each decision during the dates as well as the walkthrough:

  • Gender: Male
  • The species is white and green. stripe Feline
  • Personaility: Shy
  • Hobby: Writer
  • Likes Trivia, Story Ideas Opening up, getting flowers
  • Wine is not her thing and she was never given flowers