Genshin Impact Nahida swing glitch lets AR30 player sneak into Inazuma

This glitch allows her to travel long distances with the anime RPG. It is how she reached Inazuma so early.

The Genshin Impact Nahida glitch grants the Dendro Archon an option for a movement that HoYoverse didn’t intend her to have. A player has used this bug to reach the ‘s Inazuma area early. While Nahida is in idle animation, she can carry any momentum that’s been placed upon her. When given a push, she can zoom across Teyvat while on her little swing.

In-game news updates have recently informed players that HoYoverse is aware of this glitch. It will be fixed in a future update by the developer, so both new players and veterans should take advantage of this opportunity while they last.

Nahida must enter an idle animation to perform the glitch. This will have her sitting on a floating Dendro swing. If the player does not force her to move, she will stay put. A co-op partner must apply force while she swings. This can be done using any abilities that cause movements, such as Xiao and Jean. Although a simple nudge can work, Nahida will be much more cautious.

Genshin players have been having a lot of fun with the new bug. One player even made it all the way from Liyue to Inazuma using the Nahida glitch. Redditor JMSX101 captured their entire journey and uploaded it in a Reddit Thread.

The video shows that Nahida was pushed from shore to shore by Xiao’s elements skill. Even though the player switched to a different stance/pose, the momentum was still there. She approached Inazuma and was teleported to Ritou Docks. This is where players will land after they have traveled to Inazuma in the normal manner.

Nahida’s character banner in Genshin Impact 3.2 is now live. You can grab her and test the glitch for yourself. This is unless you are saving up for the Scaramouche banner or Faruzan Banner that will be available in Genshin impact version 3.3.