Amorous Skye Dating Path & Walkthrough

Amorous Skye Dating Path and Walkthrough – Top choices to complete the path and walkthrough and unlock the end as well as information on the character



Amorous Skye Dating Path & Walkthrough – Parts & End

Act 1:

The best options for Skye Walkthrough Act 1

  • Break the Ice.
  • No!
  • Reply kindly, or flirty
  • Some thing about the scam?
  • I’m sure I recognize her from the show for kids I think you recognize her from the show, isn’t it?
  • Relax her.

Act 2

Best options for Skye Walkthrough Act 2.

  • Send an email.
  • Answer.
  • I had a brief night.
  • Get her to talk to you.
  • Choose a location.
  • Let her go on the bus.
  • Browse.
  • Stop looking around.
  • Let me have some nerd-cred! Yes, I am sure.
  • I’m familiar with anime. I’m a fan!
  • Not at all!
  • I love it!
  • It’s very sexually sexy and confident.
  • Sure! I’d like to!

Act 3

The best options for Skye Walkthrough 3 Act 3

  • Of of course!
  • I didn’t carry any…
  • I know who they are!
  • I’m having a blast.
  • Accept your feelings for Skye.
  • An arcade is better for me!
  • Well, actually…
  • Dancing perfect score. (Step By Step):
    • up, down, up.
    • Right, then left, then right.
    • up, down, up.
    • up, down, up, left, right.
    • up, down, up, left, right.
    • Side splits.
    • Side splits, and the side split, then up, down and down, up and down.
    • Front split! Then left right, left then left, right. Then up, down, up. (Last option above or 5th option)
    • (finale) (finale): Front split (final): front split (finale): front split, side split, side. Then a leftand right. (2nd option above)
  • What’s cooler than having your jacket signed by a professional? (Tease.)
  • Drop it.
  • I love the way you’re…
  • Make photos.

Act 4

The best options in Skye Walkthrough – Act 4:

  • Heck yes!
  • Open your present.
  • I absolutely love this!
  • Find a way to get closer.
  • Tell her how much you love her.
  • Then, you’ll have three options: Natural, Gold and Blue. Select any color, since that is the color she’ll choose for the final scene.

After making these decisions, you will already have obtained Skye’s ending unlocked, so you can and you should be able to enjoy it


Amorous Skye Dating Path & Walkthrough – Bio

If you’re looking to learn more about the character, you can understand the motivation behind each choice in the date and the walkthrough:

  • Skye is cosplayer.
  • She is knowledgeable about anime and games.
  • She’s insecure about herself and may be shy.
  • Will take it slow.
  • Sweet, romantic, adorable and gorgeous lady in everything.