An AMD graphic engineer is developing a system for the path tracing of the return to Caste Wolfenstein

AMD Senior Graphics R&D Engineer Dihara Wijetunga gives the user experience improved. This project is about adding path tracing to the 21 year-old game.

A number of screenshots were shared by the developer showing improved lighting and shadows. The work is still in the early stages. It seems that certain game elements, such as torches and torches, didn’t need to create the lighting. This could be easily fixed manually.

Path tracing can be used to trap animals. It uses a unique descriptor. This effect is strengthened by pathtracing, which uses a random bounce of multiple beams in a nonlinear manner. This algorithm calculates how many beams bounce before reaching their peak when the light limit is reached. It also determines how much light it carries, creating a more realistic effect.

The project is still in its initial stages and may take some time to complete.