DDR5’s price has fallen by 20 per cent in one month, and DDR4 is in no hurry to get cheaper

DDR5 RAM was not available at a low price and it proved to be difficult to introduce. Everything happened exactly the way you wanted it to. Every month, prices and prices increase at an extremely rapid pace. According to the Source, price tags fell by 20 percent in May.

Around 150 euros is the cost of a 32GB shardhardt storage kit with DDR5-4800 mode. Similar to U-DIMM mobile memory, this is also available in shardhardt. A Kingston 16GB module costs 42 Euros and was valued at about 100 Euros in February.

Recalculating the cost of 1 gigabyte DDR5 memory will yield an estimate of around fifteen Euros. The cost of DDR5 memory is now 5 euros lower. Consider this example: Can you take it three times in six months? What about video cards?


DDR4 memory isn’t getting cheaper. It used to cost 56 Euros for a G.Skill Aegis DDR4-3200 Kit.