Sapiens Full game Walkthrough

This guide will take you through the tutorial, and possibly beyond. You no longer have to wait 30 minutes before you complete a tutorial step.


World Creation

[I have no screenshots because it always gives me a black screen when I try to change modes]

1 Click “Create World” from the main menu


2 Name it whatever you like

3 Refresh/Make your own Seed/Tweak the Sliders until you have a world that you like (you can also spin the world while on this section).

Then click “Create World” at the bottom.



Now you will be presented with background information about your tribe’s Humans Ancestors. *blahblah follows at this point* (unless it is boring, skip it).

After the lore has ended, you will be welcomed to your new world. It will begin at the north pole and will center on a few tribes.


You can take a look at the globe (to see which tribes you should choose, zoom in).


The preferred staring location is just north of the rain forest belt. I prefer mild winters, if any… If you don’t mind the hassle of winter, then start in the rain forest.


This is the best tribe you can choose:

Between 4-8 Sapiens ….

You should only have one pregnant sapien. This will limit their ability to perform their jobs until the child is independent.


It is preferable to have an equal mix of men and women. You should also get as few children as possible. Children can do more than pregnant mothers (i believe), but not as much like adults (children can hunt!).

Stay away from tribes with more than one *fearful/glutton/pessamist/lazy* person!

Quick Tutorial

When the map zooms in to your tribe, pause and take a look at the entire map.


This is the best area to search for:


Find a place with a nice mix of Apples and/or Oranges/ Redberries/Gooseberries also birch and other trees and loose rocks (look like pebbles) and as flat as possible (makes building easier)


**Replace with trees/bushes that are biome-specific

**But my Sapiens live too far away and sit there …** I reply that they should be moved! *…

This is how you do it:

Click on a sapien…click the little *++* symbol… choose all of them… click the *move* icon (middle left) to move them towards your desired location.


After they reach the destination, pause the game and take another look around the globe… Can you see how the borders are getting further away? (I wonder if it is possible to conquer the entire globe ???)



Once you have arrived at the location, follow the tutorial (my task is done) or stay to read this…

Click on a little grass (hay), and then do *radius selection* to select 17 >>> 31 sections. Then click *Harvest* (top button).



Press ESC or Q on paused/FF/normal speeds (depending on your preference) to bring up the building/tribe interface. The first tab is *Buildings*. At this time, you will not have access to Crafting Areas or Stockpiles.

Make sure you have at least 12 stockpiles (3 2x2s), and that they are at least 2×2 from each other (more is better because of building).


Once you have placed these 12, click on a tree in a clump of trees (birch/bamboo/pine/apple/etc) then click the *++* and get as many as you can in the selection… then click on the *Collect Branches (middle right)* and let them get to work…

After they have filled the stockpiles with grass, click on the hay stockpile and then click the “Investigate” button. Then click on the branch stockpile… and then the “Investigate” button.

Important Note: You must build at least 5 beds. Hay is only released once the hay has dried…. If you have more Sapiens than 5, add 3 to 4 extra beds for immigrants.



After they have examined everything, you can begin building things.

Hay = Thatch buildings


Branch = Campfire

Rock = Rock Napping

Once these are unlocked look for some apple trees (or berries/oranges/banana trees) – multi-select (++) and then click *forage* (top button) …


You might consider organising your tribe more efficiently (ESC/Q, then *Tent*). My preferred setup is this: *3 on thatch construction and rock napping and fire lighting (minimum 3.. maximum 5, depending on how much you started with).




You should build a thatch building immediately…

I prefer to store *nature with Nature* (Hay/branches/food), and to have them all in one 2×2 (easier for me to track).

How do I continue?

After you’ve done this, you can now start to build your fire and a few torchlights, as well as your crafting zones (if you haven’t already).

Here’s my setup:

4 crafting zones *2×2* together (they are the exact same size as stockpiles, for a reason).

A torch in the middle of each stockpile or crafting area (in between the 2×2)

Campfire at the bedside (for the first fire)

(Torches can extend the work hours of your sapiens… If they’re just sitting around doing nothing for a long while before bed… then they don’t have any lighting source at work (light extends work times).


Now… In your 2×2 crafting zone…

Each person can create a maximum number of 30 small rocks. This makes it manageable and allows you to grab each rock individually and continue crafting small rocks. You won’t have any to *nap* with eventually.

Another one will consist of 4 axe heads and 4 knives, as well as 4 spearheads. Once one of these has been completed, you can set up 4 Pick Heads.


While you wait, take a look at some flax (spiky plants), and grab as many as possible (make sure they are inside).

After flax has dried, you will have a pickhead.


You can set a single hex that you want to *investigate* and it will unlock digging… After digging is finished, you can investigate some fruit and get planting

Set 3>4 for digging and 3>4 for planting

**NOTE** You may have received a request to join a tribe by this point. If so, pause the game, hit enter, and then proritize recruiting (only one person if they are a whole family, otherwise they will all join).

After the flax has been investigated, you can investigate the by-product.

You can unlock Tool Making by investigating the Spun Flax. Make a few more crafting areas.. Refill them with their heads (another 8), so you can make more. They last quite a while.


Investigate a chicken or alpacca/mammoth. You might sustain injuries while investigating a mammoth. If this happens, you can force-move the injured to a bed. They will heal much faster.


You now have Basic Hunting and Spear Hunting unlock… let’s go hunting some meat!

Investigate the dead animal and you will unlock Butchering… Investigate a bit of meat and you unlock cooking…etc (i won’t bore you with all the *breakthroughs/investigations because someone already made a guide for that…)


Final Tips

If you need to prioritize a work order/multi-collection/etc click the job again and then the green arrow (you can also choose an individual sapien if you click it again… you can also do this with Multiple selected jobs – of the same type EXAMPLE if you have a collection order of Birch Branches… click the ++ again and re-select them THEN prioritize… or you would need to do it individually

A few people should dig every now and again (paths are great to make for long distances, they move much faster).

If you decide to forage further away, you will need to set up *out-posts* along your path (a few stockpiles occasionally… a fire or two… etc. – but avoid the mammoths !!!!)

If you’re moving far, stockpiles will be the best way to transport the items. However, if you need to force move your Sapiens, they won’t appreciate it so stockpile transfer is better for them.

Please remember that flax will eat most of the seeds you collect. If you don’t get any seed to replant, it is because they won’t eat all of your seed.

When you have enough fruit and plants, plant them immediately. (As shown in the tutorial, you can start with 10 trees/orchards. Then increase your groves/orchards as needed).

Investigating clay unlocks pottery… exploring a “mountain” unlocks mining

Stop recruiting after you have completed your first 25/30 Sapiens. You will soon get overwhelmed! (don’t forget your women can get pregnant!)

Understanding that Sapiens have a lifespan and an age limit…


Although I’m sure I missed some information, most of it was trial and error/following an in-game tutorial. This will ensure you have a 100% success rate in the early games.


I hope this helps.