Anime Adventures Tier List

Anime Adventures Level List Roblox – Legendary, Epic, Epic, Rare units ranked starting at best (Tier S), and ending at worst (Tier D)


Anime Adventures Tier List – Legendary & Mythical

Tier S

Tier S is the most legendary and mythical characters in the game.

  1. Madara – Top tier Mythical with incredible damage, amazing range and big cone AOE.
  2. Broly – Amazing DPS, Range and Full AOE (Mythical).
  3. Dio – Upgrade to Timestop. Combined with amazing stats and spa slightly higher (Legendary).
  4. All Might: This mythical is the most balanced in the game and does great damage (Mythical).
  5. Erwin is the best summon and buff unit. It grants a 25% DMG boost for units within range (Legendary).
  6. Bulma – The most valuable money unit (Legendary)

Tier A

Tier A is a good place to start Legendary and Mythical characters.

  1. Diavolo – Really high DPS, single target. (Mythical).
  2. Rengoku – A very strong supporting DPS unit (Mythical).
  3. Pain – His ability to pushback is very useful in any game mode (Legendary).
  4. SSJB Goku – Good stats for a legend. Good DPS, range and AOE cone (Legendary).
  5. Levi – The best support DPS unit. Incredible DPS, range, and SPA (Mythical).
  6. Giorno – Overall balanced legendary. All around good stats (Legendary).

Tier B

Tier B is average Legendary and Mythical characters. Choose them if they appeal to you:

  1. Itachi – Stats are very similar Goku Black but his dark flames that does not burn makes him more (Legendary).
  2. Armin – Worst Mythical in The Game due to his poor ability and low damage output (Mythical).

Tier C

Tier C is below average Legendary and Mythical characters. If you do use them, it’s because you love them. :

  1. Goku Black His stats are very mediocre. (Legendary).
  2. Eren – Erwin made Eren almost ineligible (Legendary).
  3. Dabi – The worst unit on this tier (Legendary).

Anime Adventures Tier Listing – Epic & Rare

Tier S

Tier S is the most OP and rare Epic & Rare characters in the game.


  1. Jotaro – Currently, the most epic unit in the game
  2. Todoroki – The greatest epic debuffer in the game
  3. Speedwagon – The best money making machine before Bulma

Tier A

Tier A is a good place to start for Epic & Rare characters. Not the best, but close enough.

  1. Gaara : He stuns his enemies for approximately 2 seconds every time he attacks
  2. Killua – The most balanced epic unit of the game
  3. Overhaul – He’s at the same level with killua
  4. Frieza: Very good neutral unit. For an epic unit, he has a good dps.
  5. Inosuke : He’s also a very strong neutral unit. He is a good neutral unit with good dps and range.
  6. Josuke – He is the rarest unit in the game (Rare).

Tier B

Tier B is an average Epic & Rare character, so choose them if they appeal to you:

  1. Kakyoin – He is a very average unit
  2. Sanji – Second best rare unit (Rare).
  3. Sakura is the second-best attack buffer in the game after Erwin (Rare).

Tier C

Tier C characters are lower than the average Epic & Rare character, so if they’re used, it should be because you love them a lot. :

  1. Genos – He is yet another mediocre unit
  2. Kakashi – A below average epic
  3. Zenitsu – He has an ok dps that is very wide and straight.
  4. Piccolo – He is an extremely bad epic unit
  5. Ichigo (Mask),: Worst Epic Unit