Anime Cross World Codes – Roblox

All codes for Anime Cross World that are valid listed in one place for Roblox Game by Astral Games AX – Redeem these codes to get rolls, Power slots, Exp boosts and other freebies to boost your character’s strength


Anime Cross World Codes – Full List

Use these codes to redeem rolls, boosts to your Exp Power slots, and more freebies that will increase your character’s strength


Valid & Active Codes

These are all valid codes.

  • :code 8K: Redeem code for 100 Astral Coins & 10 rolls (New)

All codes can be used through the chat. They begin at “: code”, don’t stop by following us, we’ll notify you of every new code you are able to redeem as well as the rewards you’ll earn.

Anime Cross World ROBLOX Social Media Channels

  • Discord: Astral Games
  • Twitter: @Seiki_rin
  • Youtube: ? ?
  • Roblox Group:!/about

Codes that are expired

These codes no longer working:

  • :code 6K: Redeem code for 100 Astral Coins
  • :code REINCARNATION: Redeem code for 25 Rolls
  • :code LETMESLEEP: Redeem code for 100 AC
  • :code 2KLIKES: Redeem code for 200 AC
  • Launch of Code Redeem code to redeem 10 , 2x ExP for 5 hours
  • :code PAIDACCESS: Redeem code for 25 Rolls, Power Slot

Please leave us a note If you come across any additional codes, so that we will keep this list up-to-date.


Anime Cross World Codes – How to Redeem?

  1. Launch Roblox Anime Cross World
  2. Simply click on the bubble (Top right) and then click on the chat box.
  3. Enter the code and click Redeem to receive your gifts. To avoid mistakes, it’s recommended to paste and copy your codes straight from the list as we’ve verified them.
  4. Enjoy your rewards

Learn how the process of redeeming codes (video by youtube Dan, Gaming Dan)

How do I use Anime Cross World? Roblox Game by Astral Games – AX

V1.2 Launch

  • Private Servers
  • Xbox/Controller party pop-up
  • The Mouse Lock button on mobile devices
  • Map has added more levels to the zoom
  • Map zoom saves
  • Option to disable the Guide menu from the settings (the part to the left side of your screen)
  • Update logs on the server or @Seiki_rin on Twitter

Anime Cross World is an open-world RPG which brings together numerous characters from your favorite anime! Combine and combine a range of abilities, level up with a variety of weapons and other accessories Complete quests, upgrade, take on enemies, and fight the world’s greatest to be the best!