Apex Legends season 14 legend candidate accidentally appears in client

A new preview appeared briefly in Apex Legends client and gave a glimpse at what may be season 14 legend Vantage.

A few Apex Legends players might have seen the season 14 legend while they were opening the game’s client. A preview of a Stories from the Outland episode entitled Survive was shown to battle royale players. It appears that this preview was accidentally created. The preview shows a character with a white headset and dark camo paint lines below their eyes.

According to Dot, this person closely resembles Vantage, a character who was revealed in an Apex Legends leak in March. He also appeared alongside Newcastle, the season 13 legend. There are rumors circulating that Vantage may be the next playable character in the FPS game’s roster. This latest appearance will only fuel those speculations.


The leaks revealed that Vantage is a recon-focused character with the ability to target enemies from close range and gather information. It is also possible that Vantage will have a winged companion they can teleport.

Developers Respawn quickly removed the preview that appeared in the client. Fans who saw it briefly online noted that it had a description that read: “Watch Survive and Meet the New Legend Joining the Games in Apex Legends, Hunted, August 9!”

This date corresponds to the end of season 13, which is when the battle pass expires. It further indicates that the new season will launch right after the end of the current season. We won’t be able to confirm this until Respawn provides official confirmation.

The Apex Legends Gaiden event is also in progress and will run from July 19 to August 2. One of the multiplayer games’s developers recently spoke out about their motivation to honor underutilised legend Revenant’s thematic design and provide more rewarding gameplay.