Asmongold: Twitch has to start using more common sense when banning streamers

Asmongold has made a mockery of Twitch’s suspension policies and called on Amazon-owned platforms to use more common sense in banning streamers, big and small.

Twitch’s star thinks that platforms powerbrokers need to use more context and common sense when suspending people with faulty minds.

Asmongold stated that the main problem is the idea of Twitchs. This causes a complete disconnect between the site’s stable of stars and the site itself. Top streaming names and hopefuls are both suspended because they did not follow the policies that they believed they had. This can impact their earnings as well as growth.

He adds that Twitch is often not in a kip.

In his Twitch stream on June 15, the discontented streamer stated that he was shocked and surprised. In his latest Twitch stream, the disgruntled streamer stated, “During the video, i made a video and then watched it and it became popular and people were like,” So, what is the point of all this? What are you trying say?


Asmongold hopes to bridge this divide by encouraging Twitch stars and admins to communicate more frequently and to seek out explanations before banning.

He appealed to the platform after Asmongold, 32, was blocked from accessing the platform due to Zackrawrrr, his secondary account. Asmongold was told that the ban was due to racism in his chatroom, over which he feels he has very little control.

He believes that a simple phone call would have solved the problem.

Twitch’s superstar said: If you were to interview anyone at that station, what would you tell them? They would be like, “Yes, that happens,” and they would understand. Anyone who feels it knows.

It’s all about common sense.  has lost all sense. They will not think rationally or logically about the world, but instead create their reality.


Screengrab by Asmongold via Twitch via Asmongold

Twitch recently began to notify streamingers via email about curated bans, but it is currently in postponement.

Amazon’s streaming giant has created an automated appeals portal to allow streamers to respond. These appeals can be submitted through the backend system by anyone who is involved in ongoing suspensions. Twitch developers then will review the ban, and the block.

Initial rejection of the MMO star was made through the appeal process. He claimed that I had written 4,000 words for this appeal. This appeal was rejected. The system claimed that they didn’t ban me and maintained the strike.

Twitch unbanned Twitch later manually.

Screengrab via Twitch

Asmongold is a popular streamer on the Amazon platform. More than 4,4 millions of his followers are spread across two Twitch accounts.