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AU reborn Trello Link & Wikipedia – Anime Unlimited – Official Trello link, the largest wiki for Roblox AU/R game


AU Reborn Trello Link & Wiki – Wiki

Click the link to the right for more information. It will take you directly to Trello, which is the official wiki. It is 100% reliable because all information is verified by the game’s creators. It may seem a bit sparse, but that is because the game just came out. They will update it in the next few days with more information.

Although the first section may seem basic, we recommend that you read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) and the entire Basic Knowledge section before starting to play. This will ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed.

These sections are much more extensive than the previous ones. You will find all you need: Characters and Skins, Event Characters. Battle Pass. Game Modes. Staff + Trello Staff (that is where it’s officially), Misc Information. Trello Staff’s Suggestions. Format. All the information, locations, and tips you need will be found here. This is what you would expect from a good Wiki.

There is more information missing, but we have already mentioned that the game and the Trello or Wiki are new. It will be updated over the next few days to include everything you don’t want to miss.

The information is comprehensive, up-to-date, and bears the quality seal that it is official. It was created by collaborators but has been directly reviewed by the AU.R team.


These guides are based on Trello information. They are grouped in a list format to make it easier to find the information.

Trello FAQ & Controls

  • WASD – Movement
  • LMB (Left Mouse Buttom) – A basic click attack that allows you to create, extend or end combos.
  • F – Blocking is used to stop attacks. Some attacks can break your guard, shocking you enough to allow your opponent start a combo
  • F (0.25s time window) – Perfect blocking, This happens when you block an attack exactly at the right moment, shocking the enemy and allowing you start a combination
  • Q – Dash. Can be used to dodge attacks or get right at your enemy.
  • G – Awakening Purple bar below the HP Bar. Once it is filled up, you can press G for your ultimate move or to awaken.