AUO sets the game-tracking unit 540 Hz for players with Esports scores

Nowadays, high-refresh rates gaming monitors are standard, and many manufacturers offering a 240Hz or 360Hz displays to those in eSports segment.

The alarm clock that runs at 540-Hz is extremely broken. According to an My Drivers article, the display maker has come up with a brand-new high refresh rate monitor which will surpass any previous records. The company is planning to create a 500 Hz refresh rate, and will also provide an extremely fast high-resolution 540 Hz gaming monitor for avid gamers.

ASUS is the only company to announce an official display with 500 Hz for gaming. The brand new ROG SWIFT display was designed in conjunction with NVIDIA.

With the use of 4K 240Hz and 360Hz high-refresh rate monitors specifically designed for the esports market. AUO announced the development of a cost-effective option which will boost the price of its product. When compared to the newly announced Samsung Nero G8 Odyssey monitor featuring a 4K Mini LED panel and frequency of 240Hz refresh.

The Neo G8 is currently on sale at $1.500. Additionally, the display’s 320Hz resolution was featured in the SID 2022 SID display.

The speed of the display that has such a high refresh rate is a bit to be quite low right now according to a source. The most powerful esports memory available is that is the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, can deliver up to 350fp. When playing popular games using high-end PCs with Intel Core i9-12900K processors and 32GB of DDR5 memory.