Golden State Warriors defeat Dallas Mavericks in Game 5, and return to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2019.

SAN FRANCISCO — Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors Coach, watched his team celebrate their 120-112 win over Dallas Mavericks. H had a flashback back to 2015. His team had just won Western Conference finals. They were on their way to the NBA Finals. This was the beginning of a dynasty.

He looked around Chase Center, just like he did seven years ago at Oracle Arena, and let the moment sink into his soul as his team lifted the Conference finals trophy.

This was the moment when the Warriors reached the NBA Finals, for the first time since 2019, and for the sixth consecutive year in eight years.


Kerr stated, “Tonight was different because it’s been done before.” It was meaningful in a new way because of all the organizational changes we’ve gone through over the past couple years.

The Warriors have seen everything fall apart over the last two years. Two seasons ago, Golden State held the worst record in NBA. Klay Thomson was just beginning to run again last year after suffering consecutive Achilles and ACL tears. After two losses in play-in games, the 2020-21 season ended and Stephen Curry warned that he didn’t expect to see him again next year.

Curry stated that it was more of a message for them. Curry said, “It wasn’t for anyone else. Because we had such a strong momentum over the years and were reestablishing Warriors basketball, it was a message to us to keep our eyes on the opportunity.

The return of Thompson was a key part of the reestablishing Warriors basketball. He was overcome with emotion as the trophy was presented to him.

Amazing Feat

Kerr stated, “I’m happy to see everyone… [but] it is hard not be most excited about Klay,” Kerr added. “The struggle that he has had to go through to get to this point. It was an amazing feat for him. He’s thrilled to be back. It’s amazing to see.”

Thompson had his best game in the series. He finished with 32 points, on 12-of-25 shooting and 8 3-pointers. Thompson became the NBA’s first player to make 8 3s in consecutive series-clinching games (he made 8 in Game 6 against Memphis Grizzlies).

Thompson stated, “I dreamt about that day.” “Just my appreciation for my body moving again, I thought about this. I thought back to those times when I couldn’t jump or run, and how fortunate we are to be able do what we do. This shirt [Western Conference Champion] is still on my chest. I also have this [NBA Finals] cap. I dreamt this.

The Warriors’ most popular phrase heading into the season was “Once Klay returns.

The Warriors saw his return from the court as a key piece that would make them whole and a contender for the title.

DraymondGreen stated, “You can see how much was missing over these last few years.” It’s special to have him back. Although he is not 100% back to the Klay Thompson we know, he has been working his way up.

Magic Johnson Western Conference

Green finished the postseason with 17 points, on 6-of-7 shooting, and nine assists. Curry had a quiet night, scoring only 15 points and nine assists. was named the inaugural Magic Johnson Western Conference MVP.

Green, Curry, and Thompson are now the first trio to reach the Finals six consecutive times. They each have multiple All NBA selections.

However, they won’t be the only ones to admit that they weren’t responsible for getting there. This run feels different because of their support cast.

Thompson loves to quote John Wooden whenever he thinks about the Warriors’ achievements: “It is amazing what a group can do when no one cares who gets credit.”

Other than Curry, Thompson and Green, Kevon Looney, and Andre Iguala, are the Warriors’ only players to win a ring and make it to the Finals.

Jonathan Kunming young players

The Warriors are home to Andrew Wiggins and Otto Porter Jr. who are first experiencing it. The Warriors also have Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kunming young players who seem to bridge the gap between the Warriors’ past and their future. Journeymen such as Gary Payton I have found a home.

“The ability to make it easy for anyone that comes in, help them find their way and elevate their game. Curry stated that Curry believes we are more proud of what we do collectively than we are about what we do individually. Curry said, “To be able do that on the largest of stages, it’s not an easy feat.”

Poole stated, “In my three short years, this team has been extremely special.” We knew that we had championship DNA. That is what makes this team so special. The pieces may not have fit together the first two years. You can see that this was the core. All of our activities, from practice to preparation to competition, were championship-based. Even though it was difficult, it clearly built up to this.

Golden State won Game 5 on Thursday night, building an 18 point lead in the second quarter. This was the Mavericks’ largest lead in the first half and their largest deficit this postseason.

Dallas scored a run in the third quarter, scoring 15-2 against the Warriors in the final 3 minutes 51 of the frame. This reduced the Mavericks’ 25-point deficit to seven.

The Warriors made a small run at the beginning of the fourth quarter to regain a comfortable lead. They were able to hold the Mavericks at bay for the remainder.

The Warriors’ five starter

The Warriors’ five starters all finished in double figures, but Game 5 was also a demonstration of their depth. Porter was sidelined due to left foot soreness and the Warriors needed this game to show off their depth. Porter was replaced by Bjelica, who immediately provided solid defense and a plus-14 net rating during his first 11-minute stint. Moody, who was tapped to replace Payton, provided a boost of offensive energy for the Warriors, scoring seven points in nine minutes.

The Warriors’ next-man-up mentality towards the Mavericks was an example of the things they had to do throughout the regular season.

Green stood at the podium early in the year and gave a similar warning to Curry a few months earlier.

Green said that he had once told him, “Don’t let’s win a g title,” he recalled. Green recognized something in the group, even without Thompson. He believed even though he was out of action for two months due to a back injury. Curry missed the final month of the regular season due to a back injury, but he believed that it would all come together.

It is now.

Green stated, “No one has shown that they can move me off that spot.” This is the mindset that we bring to this thing. We know what it takes for a championship to be won. We know the process and how to improve throughout the season.

He said, “I can’t claim that I believed coming into this season like, yo. We’re going going to win a title or be in the NBA Finals.” We have a chance, I believed in [Green Curry and Thompson].

This feeling was a constant throughout the Warriors organization and has been for over ten years.


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