Autonauts can launch a console later this month

Curve Games and developer Denki announced that Autonauts will be available on all three major consoles in this month’s release. It was a huge success on PC because the team has a multifaceted base building, management, and automation simulation. This allows you to do everything in the shortest time possible, making it easy and efficient. It is a great place to play with coding and worldbuilding using its mechanics. The latest version of the game will be released to all owners on June 16th for the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. These articles will give you a better idea of what to expect when the game drops in approximately two weeks.

Credit: Journal wins

Autonautsis a game that combines personality and innovation. It gives players of all ages the chance to discover a colourful and unique world of coding and crafting. You can build a bot workforce that automates every step of your settlement. Also, you can educate them about what they should do and increase their operational potential through many upgrades and other options. You will need to create the necessary crafting items, and you can also build blueprints for dozens of Workerbots that will keep your planet running.

TheAutonautsconsole is a new player experience that provides players with an advanced tutorial structure and structure that allows them to improve their coding skills faster and more efficiently. You can easily code your mechanical helpers by teaching them step-by-step. Then, you can sit back and let your ‘ant farm’ do their jobs.